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SiriusXM now has an app for Vizio TVs

If you have a Vizio television but have been dying to play your SiriusXM satellite radio subscription directly through it, you’re in luck. There’s now a SiriusXM app for the Vizio Smatcast platform.

“Vizio users can now access their favorite on-the-go programs directly on the biggest screen in their homes,” Katherine Pond, Group Vice President of Platform Content & Partnerships at Vizio, said in a press release. “From podcasts to music, we are happy to bring SiriusXM’s audio and video entertainment to millions of Vizio users across the U.S.”

SiriusXM app on Vizio Smartcast.

The new SXM App gives subscribers access to more than 425 channels across all the SiriusXM categories, from music to sports, talk, news, comedy, and more. You’ll also be able to make your own personalized Pandora stations in the app

“For millions of consumers, Vizio Smart TVs are the entertainment centers of their homes, and we are pleased to now provide those customers with the SXM App and access to our full lineup of content,” said Joe Verbrugge, Chief Commercial Officer for SiriusXM. “Vizio’s products deliver an outstanding user experience and are an excellent platform for experiencing the great programming that our subscribers love. Whether it’s music, podcasts, sports, entertainment programming, or all of the above, the SXM App on Vizio Smart TVs brings everyone’s favorite content into the home.”

Vizio owners who don’t have a SiriusXM subscription can get three free months of the Streaming Platinum plan at It’s $11 a month after that but also gets you ad-free music, two channels of Howard Stern, the aforementioned Pandora stations, and the SiriusXM on-demand library. You’ll also get Stitcher Premium podcasts, live NFL, MLB, and NBA games, and more.

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