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For those without the space, (or the tools) to put in a full surround sound system, Yamaha has created its “Sound Projector” line of sound bars. Able to create a surprisingly vivid and full sound stage through their use of small directional drivers the company calls “beams”, Yamaha has been steadily expanding its projector technology recently. The new $1,000 YSP-2500 essentially serves as an entry point for Yamaha’s top-tier sound bar systems.

Like all of Yamaha’s Sound Projectors, the YSP-2500 uses a blend of directional sound and time delays to bounce sound off the walls of your home theater room in an effort to create a more realistic virtual surround sound effect. But the 2500 offers an impressive array of 16 individually powered “beam” drivers, each measuring out to 1-1/8 inches. The bar is paired with a 130 watt wireless subwoofer.

Connection points include three HDMI and one output, two digital optical inputs, one digital coaxial input, one analog audio input, one subwoofer output, and one surround headphone jack output. The system also offers Bluetooth support, as well as control of the sound projector via the Yamaha Home Theater Controller app for iOS and Android.

The unit has been impressive so far, displaying a powerful, accurate sound stage, with good detail and some punch down low.

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