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YouTube TV adds three Spanish-language channels, with more options to come

YouTube TV announced today that it’s added three more Spanish-language options to its channel lineup. Added at no extra cost are Univision, UniMás, and Galavisión. All three are available today and should appear in your channel list shortly if they’re not there already.

(If you’re using a custom order for your channels, you’ll most likely need to enable the new channels in the edit screen, only available on the web at Click Custom > Edit.

The streaming service also announced that a new Spanish-language add-on bundle will be available in the coming months. It’ll include networks like Sony Cine, CNN Español, Discovery en Español, Estrella TV, Cinelatino, Fox Deportes, and more. YouTube TV said it will share a full list of channels included — as well as the cost — close to launch.

YouTube TV app icon on Apple TV.
DIgital Trends / Digital Trends

Coming up before that, though, is the addition of Pantaya as an add-on network. It’ll cost $6 a month and bring “the best and latest Spanish-language movies and exclusive original series, all on-demand.” Pantaya will be available “in the coming weeks,” though YouTube TV wasn’t any more specific than that.

YouTube TV now has more than 85 live channels at the ready, including local affiliates from ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC in most of the United States. The streaming service costs $65 a month and includes support for up to six profiles on a single account, plus unlimited cloud-based recording.

YouTube TV last reported that it had more than 3 million paid subscribers in fall 2020, though it didn’t get any more specific than that, nor has it updated those numbers since then. It’s possible that in that time, it has surpassed Hulu With Live TV, which announced 3.7 million paid subscribers at parent company Disney’s most recent earnings call.

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