Zobo Debuts New Home Theater Furniture

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Home theater products retailer and importer Zobo yesterday announced its Selwyn Furniture Collection of a plasma pop-up TV cabinet and matching end table for audio video components. The pop up cabinet is designed to house flat-panel televisions up to 50 inches wide.

The Selwyn Plasma Pop-up TV Cabinet, said Zobo, measures 20 inches deep and 36 inches tall. It features a lift mechanism with a rack and pinion design which uses four motors and eight gears to automatically raise and lower when the television turns on and off. A built-in safety sensor causes a reverse in direction if an obstruction of some type is noticed and a built-in infrared repeating system enables any television remote control to power on the television even when it is down inside the pop-up TV cabinet. The unit also ships with a radio-frequency remote control for manually raising and lowering the lift.

Both the cabinet and the table, which is designed with an adjustable base for routing power and audio/video cables out the sides or back as well as hidden vents for helping to cool enclosed electronics, come in two different finishes.