1of7 Clothing Provides One of a Kind Wearable Art


1of7 clothing company is taking personal style to a whole new level. The clothing line provides limited edition fashionable and wearable art, uniquely designed by a variety of local artists. Each artist produces seven exclusive pieces– five are sold to the public, while the other two say with the artist and 1of7. The Portland, OR-based company says it works closely with artists to help them produce their pieces and to preserve the artistic integrity that often is lost in mass-produced mainstream fashion.

1of7 creator Jeff Peart says he created this limited edition clothing because “major clothing lines are too far removed from the artist or designer and it was this distance that diluted the final product.” It’s not just their clothing that’s unique, it’s 1of7’s packing too—customers spending $150 and over can expect their purchase to be wrapped in crimson fabric and twine and delivered  in a 1gallon paint can adorned in 1of7 logos.


Peart also says that for each 1of7 series, it will pair one artist with a local charity, so all proceeds from that artist’s five shirts will be donated. The artist for Series I was Liam Paquin, a local 8 year-old boy with autism—his “digger” sweatshirt proceeds will go to his Miracle Under Construction program that his parents started for him.

Other artists from Series I are Sean Denniston, Squid Vicious, Sherry Peart, Kristen Beatty and Doug Sabbertoothe. 1of7 is currently on its second series of artists.