Hurricane Sandy got you working from home? Here are 7 videos of weather reporters getting owned

Like many other offices in cities along the path of Hurricane Sandy, the DTNY headquarter has been temporarily closed due to public transit service suspension and overall safety precautions. No Sandy vacations for us though, as we’re still managing to get online from home. But unlike us lucky ducks, there are other journalists who have to go outside in this terrible weather to do their job. So if you’re one of those guys who are working from home today, or got the day off (even luckier!), here’s a montage to reporters braving the storm to do some investigative reporting. Or are they?

Sending live reporters out in the middle of a dangerous situation has always been a bit confusing to us. Is there really a need to show off how strong the winds are by risking your life, and maybe your dignity, to prove gust speeds? One thing’s for sure, after these videos, we’re not trading online reporting to on-the-scene reporting about the hurricane any time soon. Sorry, folks.

1. Fox News, 2008

Hurricane Sandy is supposed to be much more of a wind storm than rain, so even though reporter Geraldo Rivera isn’t standing in the middle of gusting rainfall, the waves managed to clobber him on live television. Yep, still staying my ass at home.

2. The Weather Channel, 2011

Everyone from New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg to President Barack Obama has warned us all to stay put, don’t drive unless we have to, and keep away from windows. Eric Fisher of The Weather Channel managed to hit two out of the three things while reporting on Hurricane Irene last year, pointing out trees blowing down the street, hitting a car, and attempting to break piece of concrete on live television. Wait, huh?

3. The Weather Channel, 2008

Okay, I sort of feel bad for this girl. Her premonition that they’ve encountered accidents right before wailing and slamming into a parked car makes it clear this is not particularly what she loves doing for a living. Someone give this girl a pumpkin spice latte.

4. CNN, 2006

Unlike TWC reporter Julie Martin from above who blew into a parked car, I’m not sure I feel as bad for this CNN guy. There’s really no basis for him to run in the middle of the street during Hurricane Katrina, also known as one of the deadliest natural disasters in United States history. Also, pro tip: a trash can is probably not going to save your life when trees, cars, and cows come blowing through.

5. Channel 3 Eyewitness News, 1986

Alright, apparently this aired before I was even alive which is enough to show reporters everywhere that going out during a hurricane is probably not the wisest idea, never has been. The reporter couldn’t even get his last sentence in before disappearing off the shot! Which is too bad, because what we should have heard from that mumble jumble did not resemble “Help?”

6. KPSP CBS Channel 2 Local News, 2011

You think any of those weather reporters got their videos right in the first recording? It’s hard enough to do under normal studio conditions, and as Palm Springs CBS reporter Marissa Mike would show us, add some gusts and you’re about as coherent as that last drink you had at the bar before taking the day off today from the Hurricane. Traffic lights breaking are a big deal, guys!

7. MSNBC, 2008

I’ve been told since my high school newspaper club that in reporting and interviewing, you can’t always believe what people tell you, and that you must use your own judgment to process so-called facts. As this MSNBC reporter would lead you to believe, Tropical Storm Hanna is so incredible, it is barely possible to walk against. Except there are tons of locals having a great time in the background of the shot. Just an awesome, awesome job by the news crew.

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