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Allrecipes adds an Alexa skill that will help you in the kitchen this holiday season

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Amazon Alexa is about to become your sous chef. Thanks to a new Alexa Skill from popular recipe website Allrecipes, home chefs can now access voice-guided, hands-free instructions just in time for the holiday season — and all the cooking that comes with it.

Whether you’re looking to make an appetizer, entree, or dessert, Alexa can now help guide you through the process and free your hands to do the cooking, rather than scrolling through a recipe. And you can even pick recipes based on your available ingredients, amount of time, or preferred cooking method.

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“So many of our customers are using their Alexa-enabled devices in the kitchen, and with the addition of Alexa skills like Allrecipes, that experience only gets better,” says Rob Pulciani, Amazon Alexa director. “We’re excited to work with Allrecipes to create a cooking experience that leverages the benefit of hands-free Alexa voice technology. Getting meal recommendations and step-by-step recipes – with just your voice – makes putting dinner on the table a little easier for our busy customers.”

And the new skill does indeed sound quite easy. Users can ask questions like, “What can I make with broccoli, salmon, and farro?” or “How much butter do I need to make a rich chocolate cake?”

After selecting a recipe, cooks will be given detailed instructions every step of the way, and can control the speed at which Alexa goes through a recipe by telling her to pause, repeat, go to the next step, or skip the next step.

“Allrecipes has a long tradition of being first to introduce innovative new experiences that make grocery shopping and home cooking more rewarding, from our beginnings as the first social media food site two decades ago to the seamless integration of our brand into connected kitchen appliances this past year,” says Stan Pavlovsky, president of Allrecipes parent Meredith Digital. “Our vision is to make Allrecipes’ content and community available wherever and whenever needed, so preparing dishes is as easy as possible for our audience of busy families and passionate food enthusiasts.”

The Allrecipes Skill for Alexa is available now through the Amazon Alexa app, and can be enabled simply by saying, “Alexa, enable the Allrecipes Skill.”

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