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Amazon delivery driver fired after dropping package on a puppy

We’ve heard the stories of delivery drivers acting poorly, from throwing packages into yards to swiping boxes off the very porches they were supposed to deliver to.

But an Amazon delivery driver in Florida may have just nabbed the award for worst delivery guy of the year after he was caught on video in Florida appearing to drop a large package … on a puppy.

The Miami Herald reported that the dog owner was upset to see video footage of the package “delivery.” Luckily, Rocky, the 5-month-old lab mix, wasn’t seriously hurt.

“His eye is a little squinty. I think the corner of the box got him,” Brittany Aaron, the dog’s owner, told the Herald on Thursday. “I don’t see any cuts but I don’t know if anything is wrong internally. The package isn’t small. I have a front door that is accessible. I have never seen a delivery driver put a package over the fence.”

In the video of the incident posted on Facebook, the deliveryman can be seen walking up to a chain link fence, glancing at Rocky and another dog barking behind the fence, then tossing the large package toward what appears to be the top of Rocky’s head before calmly walking back to his vehicle and driving away.

Aaron said that the package contained swimming gear for children and weighed about 7 pounds. While it was a large package — a picture Aaron posted shows that the box was about twice the size of the dog — it luckily wasn’t a super heavy one. The Facebook post of the video has been viewed more than 20,000 times and shared more than 100 times, with several expressing outrage over the incident.

“Good thing gate was locked, the one dog wanted a piece of the guy, and rightly so,” noted one commenter.

Amazon moved swiftly to remedy the situation, and told the Herald Thursday night that they had already fired the delivery driver.

“This does not reflect the high standards we have for delivery partners, and this individual is no longer delivering Amazon packages,” an Amazon spokesman wrote in an email. “We have reached out to the customer with our sincerest apologies and to offer our support.”

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