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New to being a mom? Prices cut on baby monitors, sound machines for Mother’s Day

It can be hard to know what to buy new moms for Mother’s Day gifts. New parents start off needing everything, but by the time the baby is born most often the mom is loaded up with soft goods – clothes, bedding, blankets, and so forth. Baby tech isn’t a typical shower gift, but the added convenience, helping hand, or peace of mind from the right tech can be the best gift for a new mom short of a full day at a spa.

We’ve found the best baby tech gifts for new moms for this Mother’s Day on Amazon and Walmart. You can’t go wrong with some beautiful flowers for the first-time mom in the family but a tech gadget will really go a long way. Whether you’re buying for a new or experienced mom, these six gifts help moms long after May 12th has passed.

SoundBub White Noise Machine & Bluetooth Speaker — $15 off

Some very few babies fall asleep and keep sleeping no matter what else is going on, but more often shielding the baby from loud and distracting noises helps babies get the rest they need. White noise machines exist to block distracting or disturbing sounds. The SoundBub white-noise machine and Bluetooth speaker has a clip that attaches to a crib, stroller, or car seat. In addition to white-noise generation, with the SoundBub mobile app, you can play your baby’s favorite music, lullabies recorded with family member’s voices, and bedtime stories.

Ordinarily $50, The SoundBub is just $35 on sale. If a white noise can help a baby sleep and give mom a break, everyone wins. This is an excellent opportunity to take buy the SoundBub at 30% off.

Eufy AK-T1301021 T1301021 Night Light 3-pack — $12

Night lights are handy in any household, so you don’t have to turn on glaring lights if you’re up in the middle of the night. Eufy’s Lumi Night Light has two detectors. A dusk-to-dawn sensor turns on a low-level light that stays on while it’s dark. An integrated motion detector turns up the brightness on approach to help guide the way without bumping into things. A Lumi night light in the hallway and another in the baby’s room enables quick baby checks without room lights waking up the baby. Even if nursing or feeding, keeping the room light to a minimum helps baby and mom go back to sleep.

A 3-pack of Eufy Lumi Night Lights costs just $12. If you’re shopping for a new mom, or for yourself, the return on investment with these lights makes them a great gift.

Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera, Works with Alexa — $112

Smart home security cameras have many uses, but putting an Amazon Cloud Cam camera in a baby’s room is an exceptionally smart move. The camera is activated by motion, day or night, so if the baby moves around the Cloud Cam will start recording in 1080p full HD video while sending an alert to connected smartphones. The Cloud Cam works with Alexa so you can view live video at any time to get a glimpse of the adorable baby. The two-talk feature means you can talk to a baby or sing without having to leave what you were doing and without adding extra commotion to the room when the baby is supposed to be sleeping. A new feature in the Cloud Cam sends an alert when it detects a baby crying.

Competitively priced at $112, the Amazon Cloud Cam is an extremely versatile security camera that continues to gain features with new software upgrades. Whether or not Alexa is in the house, as Cloud Cam can be a great gift for a new mom trying to figure out how to not having to check on the baby with every slight sound.

Tile Pro with Replaceable Battery – 2 pack (1 x Black, 1 x White) — $10 off

New moms are busy people, and when you’re moving around the house, visiting, traveling, or out shopping, it’s easy to misplace a tote or diaper bag, car keys, your handbag, or anything else you can pick up and put down. The Tile Pro was invented to help busy people keep track of their belongings and help when you can’t find them. If you need but cannot find a bag or key ring that has an attached Tile Pro, use the Tile mobile app to make the Tile ring. If you can’t find your phone, press a button on the Tile Pro, and your phone will ring.

Usually $60, the Tile Pro 2-pack is on sale for $50. If you’re looking for a Mother’s Day gift for a busy mom, the Tile Pro could be the perfect gift, especially at this attractive price.

Philips Hue 2-Pack Premium Smart Light Starter Kit — $50 off

Smart lights have many uses in family homes, from setting the mood with programming lighting scenes to promoting healthy sleep with lights that change intensity and color on a daily cycle that follows the rhythm of natural light. The Philips Hue 2-Pack Premium Smart Light Starter Kit includes a required lighting hub and two Hue color bulbs that can display any of 16 million different colors. The Starter Kit responds to voice commands from Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

Instead of the usual $150, Amazon cut the price of Philips Hue 2-Pack Premium Smart Light Starter Kit to $100 during this sale. If you want to use smart lighting to set the mood for your family at a great price, take advantage of this deal.

Google Home Hub — $50 off

Smart speakers can be a super help for new moms and dads who have questions about taking care of their baby. The Google Home Hub smart display has several advantages over other smart speakers and displays, including the range and depth of answers to almost any question and the ability to display instructions, graphics, and even helpful YouTube videos on the 7.1-inch diagonal color display.

Usually $149, the Google Home Hub is just $99 at Walmart during a current promotion. Rumors suggest the product name may change to Nest Home Hub sometime soon but with no major feature changes. Whether or not a new mom in your family or circle of friends already has a smart home network, the Google Home Hub can be a powerful resource for new moms with questions. If you’re looking for Mother’s Day gift for a new mom, the Google Home Hub is a winner, especially at this discounted price.

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