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Amazon expanding Dash with new partners that monitor and refill medication

amazon drs expansion
Amazon, the company that continues to bring us everything we need, and sometimes in less than an hour, has once again made life a little easier, by expanding its Dash Replenishment Service (DRS), to encompass medication. Amazon’s DRS service allows select connected devices to automatically reorder consumables when supplies are running low. Gone are the days when users need to monitor their laundry soap or coffee levels. Amazon has automated the process.

Supported devices are connected to the internet. They can utilize the replenishment services either through a button users press to initiate a product reorder or by using sensors which automatically detect product levels and initiate the reorder when those levels get low. Amazon states that integration can be done easily by companies large and small through as little as 10 lines of HTML code. The products supported already include Brita filters, Brother printers, and Whirlpool washer and dryers. Today they announced they are adding several new devices and brands to the DRS family.

New companies include Aesop Works, a device that monitors your medications and providers reminders. Now with DRS integration, it can monitor the amount of medication and vitamins users have on hand, and reorder over-the-counter items before they run out. Similarly, Petcube, a interactive camera which allows pet parents to care for their pets while the people are away, will also monitor the level of treats and order refills when you’re running out. Nothing is worse than starting a load of laundry in the wash only to discover that you’re out of detergent. According to GE, soon it’s Wi-Fi-enabled appliances will be able to automatically reorder items like dryer sheets and detergent.

The Hershey company already uses the Dash system for its Ice Breakers mints and gum. Instead of using a device with sensors the firm use the Dash button which is a stand-alone button that users press to reorder their favorite products. Hershey is now introducing similar buttons for its Variety Pack and Brookside Bars. Set these buttons up in your cupbaord and you’ll never run out of your favorite snacks.

All of this is aimed at making things easier for consumers. You can find the full listing of DRS brands, including the newest additions, over on Amazon’s DRS website.

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