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As predicted, Arlo’s next smart doorbell will have a video camera

Arlo Chime
Terry Walsh/Digital Trends

Arlo Technologies, the popular smart camera brand, announced that it will release a version of its smart home doorbell that has a camera in it. More specifically, the brand is partnering with I-View Now’s award-winning monitoring station video and signaling interface so fans of Arlo’s nifty technology will soon be able to buy a doorbell that not only integrates the company’s signature features but also keeps pace with the video doorbells that have been dominating the smart home industry in recent years.

The smart home device manufacturer has so far only offered an audio doorbell, but Zatz Not Funny noticed that I-View Now accidentally published images of Arlo’s existing and upcoming products including the yet-to-be-released video doorbell.

“By integrating with I-View Now’s innovative platform, Arlo’s existing A.I. capabilities and cloud infrastructure will be further equipped to reduce false alarms, help prompt faster response times and ensure an added level of peace of mind for homes and businesses,” Pat Collins, senior vice president of products at Arlo, said in a statement. “When combined with select models from Arlo’s portfolio of smart home security solutions, and our advanced A.I. and CV-enabled Arlo Smart service, security dealers will have new opportunities to acquire additional customers and drive recurring revenue.”

The company confirms that its future lineup will be expanding to include a new video doorbell with 4K HDR video quality as well as a wide field of view, color night vision, an integrated spotlight and crystal-clear, noise-canceling two-way audio for customers that want to integrate video into the benefits they enjoy from Arlo’s cutting-edge audio doorbells.

For those of you who are into custom ringtones and whatnot, Arlo also confirms that the new video doorbell can connect to existing digital and mechanical door chimes in case your current doorbell plays the Dixie horn from the Dukes of Hazzard or something equally weird.

“We are looking forward to partnering with Arlo on this integration and these alarm verification services. Arlo’s market growth and technological innovation connected to the monitored security space is a natural. Arlo’s powerful and feature-rich products and services are combinatorial to the security products and services dealers are already selling to their customers. Simply add Arlo cameras to any install,” Larry Folsom, president at I-View Now, said in a statement. “At I-View Now we are very passionate about connecting to products and services that can reduce false alarms and provide end users, monitoring centers, and first responders with better situational awareness during emergencies.”

The news about the new doorbell and other products broke in the wake of ISC West, the largest security industry tradeshow in the U.S.

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