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Ashton Kutcher renovates his mom’s house without her permission

My Houzz: Ashton Kutcher's Surprise Renovation for His Mom
Have you gotten your mom a Mother’s Day present? Whatever it is, it’s probably not as elaborate as what Ashton Kutcher did for his mom.

You might already be familiar with Houzz if you own a home or simply enjoy interior-design eye candy. Kutcher, an investor in Houzz, teamed up with the home remodeling and design company to participate in its online video series, “My Houzz.” The series focuses on how homeowners can use the Houzz technology platform to renovate and design their living spaces.

Houzz allows you to browse through more than six million photos to design a personalized concept for your home. Then, you can contact a professional and communicate via Houzz to develop a renovation plan. You can also compare reviews of designers and contractors to find a reputable professional for your needs.

For his video, Kutcher used the Houzz design technology to tackle his mother’s basement, an outdated space in his childhood home. The actor explains that he had originally helped build the Iowa-based house with his stepfather when he was 13 years old. It has always been his mother’s dream to refinish the basement, and Kutcher wanted to make it happen. His plans included knocking down walls, lifting the basement ceiling, and introducing natural light – all intensive labor he’s hoping will delight his mom. It better, as there’s no going back after all that work.

The four-part video series debuted today, so you can watch Kutcher’s progress on the project and find out how his mom feels about the surprise here. And it’s not just actors who use Houzz. Some other cool projects you can check out by everyday folks include a man-cave missile silo, the ultimate cat house, and an Airstream-turned-home.

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