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The Astrea water bottle will filter the lead out of your H2O

The Astrea bottle is now available via Indiegogo at an early bird price

Filtering your water may soon be as easy as drinking it from a special bottle. HaloSource, a global clean water technology company, is taking to Indiegogo in order to launch its first consumer product. Meet the new Astrea bottle, the flagship offering from HaloSource’s new U.S.-centric brand Astrea. The water bottle claims to be the world’s “most effective daily-use filtering water bottle,” and claims to remove lead to the highest National Sanitation Foundation standard — NSF 53.

On Thursday, March 22, the Astrea bottle launched on Indiegogo, and managed to raise more than half of its $50,000 goal in a single day. The Astrea bottle is meant to address the rather alarming presence of lead in the U.S. water system. In November 2017, Reuters found 3,810 neighborhoods throughout the U.S. with recorded childhood lead poisoning rates that were double those found in Flint, Michigan, during the height of that city’s contamination scandal. But Astrea hopes to help individuals and families take the quality of their water into their own hands (or rather, into their own bottles).

The Astrea bottle incorporates filtration power to remove lead and other heavy metals that is built into the contraption itself. Promising “proprietary filtering technology,” this new water bottle should make it possible for users to drink without qualms. Constructed from food-grade stainless steel with double walls and vacuum insulation, the Astrea bottle should also keep beverages at their desired temperature for extended periods.

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Plus, the Astrea bottle has been designed with a nested straw to prevent spills, and an easy-fill lid so that you can add water without removing the filter, which should make using the bottle quite straightforward. And when it does come time for you to replace your filter, Astrea will offer new filters via a subscription package or from other retail channels that have yet to be announced.

“Safe drinking water has long been a developing-world problem, but as Americans, we are now experiencing our own increasing concerns over water quality,” said James Thompson, CEO of HaloSource. “For the last 20 years, HaloSource has been focused on solving clean water problems in the developing world, and now aging infrastructure has left our water systems at home exposed to lead, with few products offering real, portable solutions. Americans everywhere are worried about their drinking water — at home, at their kids’ schools, and in their communities. This new bottle is a portable and innovative solution that will help our communities solve the lead problem.”

Of course, you should always exercise caution when backing any crowdfunding campaign, but if you’re interested in contributing to this product, the company is offering early bird pricing of $67 for two bottles. Delivery is estimated for August 2018.

Updated on March 22: The astrea bottle campaign is now live on Indieogogo. 

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