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We got brain freeze from this fridge’s built-in ice cream maker  

General Electric is coming out with a fridge with a built-in Keurig coffee maker this year, but at IFA 2015, we couldn’t stop drooling over a fridge that contained its own ice-cream maker. U.K. appliance maker Beko had its HomeCream machine on the show floor, and while it didn’t actually whip up any sweet treats, the possibilities were enough to give us a tooth ache.

If you want make your own ice cream, you can use a special KitchenAid mixer attachment, procure some liquid nitrogen, or get a full-blown, dedicated machine. The last option takes up a lot of space, but the ice cream maker in the HomeCream is pretty small. It even saves room for an ice maker in the machine, so you’re not sacrificing that convenience feature for your dessert. The fridge and freezer have around 21.5 cubic feet of space combined.

The idea is that you’ll be able to put whatever you want in your ice cream, free of preservatives and with less sugar. There’s a touch screen on the front of the appliance that lets users quickly change the temperature of the specially cooled compartment. It’s on sale now in Europe for around $1,025 (€920).

Haier Smart Window Fridge 6
Jenny McGrath / Digital Trends
Jenny McGrath / Digital Trends

Other amazing fridges we saw at IFA 2015 were the Haier Smart Window models, a side-by-side and a four-door. Two were on display, and it was a sight to see. When you walk up to the fridge, motion sensors trigger the door’s LED display, turning a panel from opaque to translucent. You get a look at what’s inside without having to let out cool air. If you see something you like, just grab it through the door-in-door compartment, which will also save energy. The two fridges will go on sale next year, and while the price isn’t set, a Haier representative said the four-door model will be around $3,345 (€3,000).

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