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The best Apple HomePod Mini accessories

We’re fans of the smaller, more affordable HomePod Mini and its versatile place in the Apple ecosystem — not to mention the wide variety of smart devices it can control through Siri and Home app compatibility. But while the Mini orb is comfortable sitting on your desk or a nearby shelf, there is more you can do with it, as long as you have the right accessories. Check out the top mounts, protection, and more to get the most out of your HomePod Mini, no matter where you want to put it or what you’re doing!

Spigen Silicone Fit for HomePod Mini

The Spigen Silicone Fit for HomePod mini.

This Spigen mount is a good start for a basic HomePod Mini upgrade. It’s a silicone base that’s designed to rest on a table and support the Mini when you pop it inside. This adds several different advantages. First, it makes it much harder for the Mini to skid or slip across a smooth table surface. Second, it helps prevent users from accidentally knocking the Mini over (something that the ball-like design doesn’t exactly help with). Third, the Spigen Fit is made to absorb speaker vibrations so you get clearer sound and no distracting vibrations while the HomePod Mini is on.

Mission Battery Base for HomePod Mini

The Mission Battery Base for HomePod mini.

The HomePod Mini fixes a number of flaws the larger HomePod struggled a little with, but there’s still one small problem: For such a small, friendly speaker, it’s not very portable. This base from Mission Cables helps solve that problem with a built-in battery that the HomePod Mini can connect to, essentially making it wireless for a full charge of around nine hours. This makes it much easier to position the Mini for parties, group listening, etc. The Mission Battery Base also includes an easy way to hide the HomePod Mini cable while it’s connected, and LED indicators show the current power of the battery.

TotalMount Wall Mount for HomePod Mini

The TotalMount Wall Mount for HomePod mini mounted on a wall.

Wall mounts are popular options for smart speakers — they can provide increased elevation for better audio and save on table space. This is one of our favorite smart speaker mounts because it uses peelable adhesive instead of screws (although screws are included as an option if you prefer). While this won’t work well with heavier speakers, the HomePod Mini is smart enough to pull it off with style thanks to the TotalMount design. Also, note that you can turn the HomePod Mini’s touch control to face outward, making it easier to see and control when on the wall.

TABcare Anti-Theft Case for HomePod Mini

The TABcare Anti-Theft Case for HomePod mini.

So far, we’ve mostly been talking about using the HomePod Mini at home. But what if you want to set one up in a public spot, like your lobby, café, waiting room, or office? That invites the danger of theft for an object so small, but TABcare has a solution: It’s an acrylic case designed to house the HomePod Mini while also bolting it to a surface (table, wall, etc.) so that it can’t simply be removed without messing with the screw locking mechanism. The TABcare design allows you to use the Mini without worry in all kinds of public-facing situations.

UAYH Portable Case for HomePod Mini

The UAYH Portable Case for HomePod mini sitting on a table.

While the HomePod Mini does need a wired connection to work in most circumstances, you may also want to take it on the go, especially if you have a dual setup for work and home for the Mini. This case is specifically designed to help make the HomePod Mini easier to tote around. The silicone frame is flexible, durable, and leaves enough space open for the speaker to still do its work. The UAYH case also comes with a handy loop for quickly picking up and transferring the speaker without struggling with the orb-like shape.

YWL Hard Travel Case for HomePod Mini

The YWL Hard Travel Case for HomePod mini.

For more long-term travel, you’ll want a safe want to transport the HomePod Mini without fear of bumps or even accidental falls. This hard travel case provides housing for the Mini and its cable charge. Zip it closed, and the EVA material is designed to be waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. This travel case is ideal for all kinds of transportation where you won’t be using the Mini for a while but still want to make sure it’s safe.

Stanstar Outlet Wall Mount for HomePod Mini

The Stanstar Outlet Wall Mount for HomePod mini.

Wall mounting is great, but maybe you already have a handy outlet in your kitchen, office, or living room that’s perfect for the Mini. In that case, we recommend this outlet-based mount that allows you to wrap the HomePod Mini’s cable up into a tidy holder that then plug it directly into an outlet. It’s effortless to set up and gives you that extra height that makes the Mini more usable for room-filling sound or easier controls while you are working. The mount also comes with a protective film for the touchscreen, although this isn’t really necessary unless the mount is going to be near oil splatter or steam.

Apple TV 4K (2021)

New apple TV 4K render with remote.

Finally, it’s important to recognize that, using AirPlay 2, the HomePod Mini can quickly connect with Apple’s latest Apple TV 4K model. That offers several big advantages. In smaller spaces, you can simply use two HomePod Minis as an alternative speaker system on either side of your TV to improve your audio. HomePod Minis will also add Siri compatibility once set up with your Apple TV 4K, so you can give Siri direct instructions to play certain episodes or titles without the need to be near the remote.

If that interests you, take a look at this Apple TV 4K 32GB model, with the latest A12 Bionic chip, plus support for 4K, HDR, Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Vision — and an upgraded remote.

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