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Best generator deals: Cheap portable batteries under $100

There are a lot of good reasons to have one of the best portable generators or best portable power stations on-hand these days, from camping to RVing and from hurricane season to difficult winter storms. Many people think equipment such as a portable generators are way out of their price range, but there are a lot of options out there that are quite affordable, and they’re even more affordable with some of the best generator deals currently taking place. Brands like DuroStar, Champion, and Pulsar all have generators discounted right now, and you can even land a portable generator for as little as $80. So whether you’re a camper, a nomadic road adventurer, or someone facing some harsh weather throughout the year, read onward for more details on the best generator deals currently available.

Marbero 88Wh portable power station — $80, was $120

The MARBERO 88Wh Portable Power Station charges a bunch of devices.

This is a super slim, super portable generator that is good for both emergency power at home and providing the power you might need on something like a camping trip. It weighs just 2.4 pounds and packs easily into a duffel bag, or could fit under a car seat or in the trunk to ensure you always have it with you on the road. The Marbero 18-watt portable power station has USB ports and a DC port, allowing you to connect a number of things such as laptops and smartphones for charging while out in the wild.

Zimtown Oshion 1,000-watt inverter generator — $146, was $260

The Zimtown 1000W Inverter Generator, Portable Generator against a white background.

The Zimtown 1,000-watt inverter generator is good for providing green energy for your power tools, mobile devices, RV camping and home backup power. It’s capable of running up to six hours at 50% load on just slightly more than one gallon of fuel. It has an auto-shutoff function when it senses the oil is low, and it weights just over 42 pounds. This makes it a pretty portable generator that you could tuck away in the back of a truck or somewhere in your RV, and it moves around easily with a top handle for carrying.

iFanze 300-watt portable power station — $166, was $400

Carrying the Fanze 296Wh 80000mAh Outdoor Solar Generator while hiking.

If you’re looking for something that’s easy to tote around and offers a huge range of functionality, the iFanze 300-watt portable generator is the one for you. It has plenty of ports for connecting and charging up devices, it weights just 6.6 pounds. It offers fast charging technology for smaller devices, yet can still power things such as car refrigerators and medical equipment.

Goal Zero Yeti 200X portable generator — $220, was $300

Using the Goal Zero - Yeti 200X Battery-Powered 187Wh Capacity Portable Generator to power devices while camping.
Goal Zero

The Goal Zero Yeti power station is the one for you if you’re looking for a way to keep your devices charged up while on the road. It has several ports for connecting devices and is super portable and easy to move around. It provides up to 40 hours of power before needing to charge up itself, and it has a car lighter port so you can recharge it right in your vehicle. It also can be powered up using solar panels, which are sold separately.

DuroStar 4,000-watt gas engine portable generator — $230, was $299

Using the handle to pull the DuroStar DS4000S 4000-Watt 208cc Air Cooled OHV Gas Engine Portable RV Generator.

With the DuroStar 4,000-watt gas engine generator you’re getting into heavy duty generator specs. It offers 4,000 starting watts and 3,300 running watts, making it a workhouse that provides plenty of power to handle multiple jobs at once. These can include high voltage appliance and heavy duty power tools, which makes this a great portable generator to keep around the house.

Pulsar 2,300-watt digital inverter generator — $339, was $379

Using the Pulsar 2300 Peak Watt Digital Inverter Generator With 80cc OHV Engine while tailgating.

The Pulsar 2,300-watt inverter generator runs on gasoline, and is capable of up to 4.8 hours of operation at half load, using just 1.18 gallons of fuel. This is the kind of generator that you could make good use of at tailgating events and back yard parties. It has dual 120-volt power outlets and a direct connect USB ports, allowing you to connect a number of different devices throughout the day.

PowerSmart 2,500-watt portable gas-powered generator — $384, was $670

Carrying the PowerSmart 2500W Portable Inverter Gas Gasoline Powered Generator at an outdoor gathering.

The PowerSmart 2,500-watt portable generator is a gas-powered generator that offer longer run times than many of its competitors. It can reach up to 10.5 hours operating at quarter-load, and it has two power outlets that you can use for things like charging laptops and running mini refrigerators. Two USB ports are also included, allowing you to charge smaller devices as well. This portable generator is simple to use and easy to carry, and it also works at a low volume of 58dBA, which makes it a perfect option to take camping and for emergency home use.

Nexpow 2,250-watt portable inverter generator — $400, was $800

The NEXPOW Portable Inverter Generator against a white background.

You can take the benefits of modern technology with you almost anywhere with the Nexpow 2,250-watt portable generator, as it’s made for things like RVs and other travel adventures. It provides enough power to run a small house lighting system or other appliances such as a refrigerator, making it a good consideration for things like food trucks and backup home power. It’s equipped with a muffler and has a fully-enclosed design, both of which greatly reduce the noise levels when its in operation.

Champion 3,800-watt dual fuel portable generator — $595, was $799

The Champion Power Equipment Dual Fuel Portable Generator provides power to a home after dark.

Relatively portable and entirely ready to go, this dual-use generator can run on gas or propane. It’s capable of running at 3,800 watts on either gasoline or propane. In addition, you’ll get up to 14 hours of runtime. Champion is one of the most recognized brand names when it comes to equipment like this, and it offers a 3-year limited warranty with free lifetime technical support for this 3,800-watt dual fuel portable generator.

Pulsar 12,000-watt dual fuel portable generator — $900, was $1,000

The Pulsar 12,000W Dual Fuel Portable Generator in Space Gray with Electric Start on a work site.

This Pulsar 12,000-watt generator can run on two different fuel options — gasoline and liquid petroleum gas. The LPG option makes it a great generator for emergency situations, as LPG may be more readily available and is easier to store. This generator’s engine is a single cylinder, 4-stroke engine that gives you up to 12 hours of continuous operation at half load when running on gasoline. It has convenient drop-down handles and 10-inch Never-Flat wheels for easy mobility and storage.

Westinghouse 12,500-watt portable home backup generator — $1,174, was $1,249

Using the handle to move the Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment 12500 Peak Watt Dual Fuel Home Backup Portable Generator.

With the Westinghouse 12,500-watt generator you’ll be getting a workhorse generator that can take on almost any job. It offers 11,200 peak watts and can run for up to 12 hours on a 6.6-gallon fuel tank. It even has some cool additional features, like a remote-start key fob and electric and recoil start. It’s powered by a heavy duty 457cc Westinghouse 4-stroke OHV engine that features a long-lasting cast iron sleeve with automatic low oil shutdown and a digital hour meter. Whatever the job may be, this generator is ready for it.

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