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This solar generator is so cheap today everyone should buy one

Jackery solar generator on white background.

If the past two sultry summers taught us one thing, it’s that we never want to be without power — for air conditioning, other appliances, and devices — especially when we need it most. That in itself is a great reason to browse these generator deals. And right now at Amazon, you can score $150 off this Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500 Outdoor Solar Generator. It’s down to only $500, and then there’s a coupon to get an extra $50 off its original price of $600. Never be without power again with this amazing deal.

We’ve all been there: Suddenly, the lights and Wi-Fi go out, the TV goes off, and you’re powerless to do anything. Blackouts are a fact of life, but you never need to be without power again with the Portable Power Station Explorer 500 Outdoor Solar Generator from Jackery. It can not only provide important power during blackouts, but it’s incredibly helpful for camping trips and any outdoor activities far from a power source. This is a household essential that you can’t do without, and at this price, there’s no reason not to grab it.

The Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500 Outdoor Solar Generator can power all your essential gadgets and appliances for a long, long time. This power station is built with a lithium-ion battery pack within a specifically designed structure built to maximize the power output for the longest amount of time, whether it’s for your home or in the woods. This generator has a 518 watt-hour (24Ah, 21.6V) capacity, which means that it’s got the power to run many appliances at the same time. You can keep your sodas and beer cold in a mini-fridge while you project a movie outdoors. Or, if there’s a power failure, this generator can run the air conditioner while it also supports your TV and radio.

It’s versatile, too. This generator has an AC outlet (110V 500W 1000W Peak) for your larger items, like a power bar, fridge, or AC unit. And then there are three USB-A ports, two DC ports, and even a car port. The generator’s Battery Management System manages each individual cell so that the battery life cycle lasts longer while being pass-through charged. It’s portable, too, about the size of a basketball, making it easy to toss in the car for a road trip. It’s hard to imagine anything more convenient or with more potential to give you peace of mind. Get one while they last.

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