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Missed or avoided this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday? These BLUETTI Christmas deals are live now

Portable power packs, generators, and alternative power sources are incredibly useful resources to have, regardless of what’s happening. You can use them during a storm to power appliances and devices. If there’s a random outage, you’re still covered. If there’s an emergency or disaster, you’re covered there too. Unfortunately, they can be quite expensive, which is why a lot of people opt to wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to nab a great deal. One of the more well-known brands, offering a host of power alternatives, is Bluetti. Of course, we’re well past Black Friday sales now, and so, if you missed out on Bluetti’s excellent offers it can feel disheartening for sure. The good news is that they’re currently offering some Christmas deals to help out with the cold weather and long winter that may be ahead!

If you missed out on the previous deals you can rest easy knowing there are still some great opportunities available! Some notable mentions include the AC300 and B300 Modular Power Stations — allowing you to save nearly $600 — as well as the AC200 MAX and B230 starting at $200 off! Of course, there are a host of other deals available. You’ll find more information about those deals, and Bluetti’s power devices, below!

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Up first: The Christmas Luck Wheel!

Bluetti is feeling pretty festive for the holidays, and to show appreciation to its customers, they’re giving buyers a spin of the luck wheel with every purchase over $1,000 throughout December. By spinning, you have a 100% chance — yes, guaranteed — to win one of the available prices. Some of the gifts include a big 6-foot Christmas tree, or a free power station from the likes of Bluetti’s EB55, AC50S, AC20, or AC10 variety! If you take advantage of the deals below and spend over $1,000, be sure to spin the wheel! The fun and festivities end on December 31st, 2021!

Most popular: AC300 and B300 Modular Power Stations

Bluetti power station on beach charging with solar.
  • AC300 — Starts at $3,199, was $3,699
  • Save up to $3,700 with solar bundles

If you’re only going to choose one deal to exercise, let it be for the absolutely beastly, and powerful AC300 modular power station and its external battery packs — the B300 models. It features a 3,000-Watt pure sine wave inverter, offering reliable, consistent power for all of your energy needs. It does not have a battery built-in, which significantly reduces the total weight. That makes it so much more portable, if you’re planning to head out on the road, but also so much more lightweight when managing locally — moving it about a campground or yard is a cinch and it can be done by just one person thanks to the modular design! The AC300 can accept up to four external B300 battery packs, increasing its total capacity up to 12,288-Watt-Hours! You can combine it with both indoor and outdoor modules, at will, to fully make the system your own!

Bluetti’s B300 battery modules utilize top-of-the-range Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) cells, to deliver up to 3,500 or more life cycles. So, at a cycle per day, a single B300 battery will last for 10 years before the maximum capacity drops to 80%. Just think how much longer that one battery will last beyond that! That’s a lot of power and energy at your fingertips!

The AC300 can be charged using solar or AC sources, and simultaneously too, up to 5400-Watts. What’s more, it can remain connected to two B300 batteries, as well. Bluetti’s new Fusion Box Pro extends the voltage, power, and capacity — by more than double — to 6,000-Watts, 240-Volts, and 24,576-Watt-Hours. That is more than enough to provide for your entire family’s essential needs, for days at a time.

Best for van-lifers, RVers, and campers: AC200 MAX and B230

Bluetti AC200 MAX power station with LCD on and powered.
  • AC200 MAX — Starts at $1,899, was $2,099
  • Save up to $2,600 with solar bundles

A well-rounded and upgraded version of Bluetti’s classic AC200 model, the AC200 MAX is bigger, better, and now available at a great discount thanks to the Christmas deals! It’s powered by a 2,048-Watt-Hour LFP cell battery, but can also be extended by connecting two external batteries, including both the B230 or B300 models. If you add batteries it expands capacity to 6,144-Watt-Hours with two B230s or 8,192-Watt-Hours with two B300s.

Add on the 900-Watt advanced MPPT solar controller and the AC200 MAX can also be charged, quickly, up to 80% with exposure to direct sunlight for just two hours.

And let’s not forget, like Bluetti’s other portable power stations, the AC200 MAX can power a host of devices, including appliances, electronics, and beyond. You’re securing coverage for your family, but it’s also accessible anywhere, anytime — as long as it’s charged!

What else is available?

Bluetti EB55 Portable Power Station in black for camping and more.

The deals above may be the cream of the crop for some, but don’t fret, there are plenty more opportunities available for Bluetti’s Christmas sales!

EB70S and PV200 ultra portable combo — $969, was $1,148

Equipped with its 800-Watt pure sine wave AC inverter and 716-Watt-Hour ultra-durable LiFePO4 battery pack, the EB70S is an enhanced version of Bluetti’s EB70, which was released earlier this year. It’s portable, powerful, and ready to rock. This bundle is also perfect for anyone taking a trip, whether on the road in a vehicle or backpacking through the wilds on foot!

EB55 and PV200 ultra portable combo — $899, was $1,048

If you want something a bit smaller, this EB55 combo is a great choice. It features a 700-Watt inverter, with a 537-Watt-Hour LiFePO4 battery pack for added portability.

AC200P and 3 PV200s, a must-have for glamping — $3,446, was $2,779

Back to power, and it’s real power the AC200P offers, this large-capacity power station has a lot to love. It features a 2,000-Watt-Hours or 2,000-Watts output and capacity, respectively. Built-in are 17 output ports to power up a wide range of devices. What’s more, the smart and touch-enabled LCD provides all the information you need at a glance and makes it easy to configure the system. Finally, you can recharge the AC200P via AC or solar panels, with simultaneous charging support, and fast recharge possible in just two or more hours.

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