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There’s a massive sale on solar generators happening right now

Those who have a deep love for the great outdoors should get excited about the sale happening right now on solar generators from Amazon. The online retailer is offering incredible deals on some of the best portable power stations from brands like Jackery and Ecoflow, so if camping or getting off the grid is on your 2023 wishlist, now is the time to take advantage of some of the best generator deals we’ve seen this year. These smart outdoor tech gadgets are game changers when you’re out in nature, and make camping even more fun for the whole family. Keeping reading to find which models are on sale for the lowest prices of the season.

FlashFish 300W Portable Power Station — $180, was $223

FF Flashfish 300W Solar Generator on a white background.

FlashFish is the name behind some of the best compact portable generators on the market. The FlashFish 300W portable power station has a 222Wh/60000mAh capacity, meaning it has all of the power you need to get through a weekend trip, whether you’re camping, hiking, trekking, or enjoying any other outdoor activity. It features three different types of output ports, including two USB 3.0 ports, two AC ports and two DC ports, meaning it has the ability to charge or power just about any device, including laptops, phones, fans, radios, and lights. When it runs out of power, you can easily recharge this power station by way of solar panels, a wall charger, or a car charger. For those who use a CPAP machine, this machine is designed to power it by way of 110V AC or 12V DC plug, making camping an activity that can truly be enjoyed by everyone. At only 5.73 pounds, the Flashfish 300 is lightweight enough to accompany on any and every adventure.

Jackery Explorer 500 — $425, was $449

Jackery portable power station generator.

The Jackery Explorer 500 is was designed to be long lasting, durable, and versatile, and there’s no doubt that it is a game changer for the avid camper. With a 518Wh capacity, the Jackery Explorer 500 has the ability to recharge your phone 53 times, or charger your camera 25 times, or power your mini cooler for up to seven and a half hours. If the power goes out in your house, worry not because the Jackery Explorer 500 can power your television for up to seven and a half hours or your lamps for 40 hours. The Jackery Explorer 500 can be charged to full capacity in seven and a half hours by way of a wall outlet or within nine and a half hours with a Jackery Saga 100W solar panel. It features three USB-A outputs, one AC output, and one DC output, so it’s compatible with just about any device. Keep one in your car, in your RV or in your closet, because the Jackery Explorer 500 is ready for anything.

ECOFLOW Solar Generator DELTA Max — $1,599, was $2,499

EcoFlow Delta Max on white background.

All around the world, EcoFlow’s Delta series is regarded as top of the line when it comes to portable generators, and the Delta Max certainly does not disappoint. The Delta Max has 2400W of output, which means you can count on it charge up to fifteen devices at once. It’s powerful enough to power your refrigerator, dryer, and more in the event of a power outage, and perhaps even more importantly, it’s waterproof so you can count on it to come through despite whatever weather conditions may come your way. It can even be fully submerged in water for up to thirty minutes. The Delta Max can be charged with AC or solar, and you can use dual charging to charge it up even faster. Every EcoFlow Delta Max comes with a 24 month guarantee, so you can rest assured that you’re covered in case of an emergency.

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 PRO — $3,059, was $3,599

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 bundle

Thanks to Jackery, clean solar energy is in reach and without limits. Jackery’s Solar Generator 2000 Pro can recharge via solar power in two and a half hours, or in two hours by way of wall outlet. Thanks to its ergonomic and compact design, it’s simple and easy to use, and you can count on it to be super quiet, too. Use it indoors in case of an emergency or power outage or outdoors during a camping trip. It features eight output ports, including 3 AC outputs, a USC-A output, USB-C output, and one car output,  which distribute its 2200W of output power to all of your devices. If there’s one portable generator that’s designed to power everything you need, it’s Jackery’s Solar Generator 2000.

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