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Save $380 on the EcoFlow Delta Max Solar Generator today

EcoFlow Delta Max power station with expandable power battery.

You’re probably familiar with the battery banks that we all use daily for our phones, tablets, and other devices, but a lot of folks may not realize that huge capacity battery banks exist. One example is the Delta Max from EcoFlow, which has a 2016 watt-hour capacity, enough to charge an average laptop roughly 19 times, making it a perfect companion if you’re always relying on backup batteries. Of course, these units tend to be expensive, but Amazon has a 20% off code of PN5O5ANF that you can use to get it at a much lower price, at a total discount of $380, and it’s valid up until June 5.

One big advantage of these larger power banks is that they include the same outlets that you’d find at home, with six AC outlets, two DC outlets, and even a car power outlet. You also get six USB charging ports, spread across USB-C and USB-A, and if you add up all of these together, you get a total of 15 different outlets that you can charge with simultaneously; pretty impressive and perfect if you have a family or large friend group where this can come in useful during a picnic or BBQ. At 48 pounds, it’s not going to be the lightest thing ever, but it’s light enough that most people should be able to carry it by the two big handles and certainly worth the little extra hassle given the amount of energy storage you get.

You’ll also be happy to note that when charging through an outlet at home, it can hit 85% charge in around 65 minutes. We specifically mention the outlet because Ecoflow also has solar panels that you can use to charge the Ecoflow with as well. It’s able to hit 100% with their two 400watt solar panels in anywhere between 3 and 6 hours, making these great for a cabin or place that doesn’t have easy access to electricity. We also appreciate the smart app integration, which allows you to monitor usage and capacity left, and speaking of the latter; you can daisy chain three of these together to hit 6k watt-hours of capacity, which is massive, especially when you consider the fact that just one of these can power a 1,800watt AC for around 50 minutes.

Whether you go out and picnic or camp a lot, or you experience a lot of blackouts and need the backup power, the EcoFlow is a great large-capacity power bank to grab, and with Amazon’s coupon for 20% off, it’s not too difficult on the wallet. Just remember to use the code PN5O5ANF and that it’s only valid until June 5. Otherwise, if this doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, check out some of our other portable power station deals.

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