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Oupes Prime Day deals: Portable and off-grid power doesn’t have to be expensive

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Portable and renewable power is a commendable thing to have these days, and it also offers more reliability in the way of energy — with the right system you can easily charge and power your devices at home or on the go. That said, most portable power solutions are expensive, so generally if you want a system, you’ll have to budget and possibly even save up unless you can nab a great deal. Thanks to Amazon’s Prime Day, it’s the ideal opportunity to get a reliable power system for less, especially because Oupes has some promising offers available. Oupes is a purveyor of portable outdoor power — think solar generators, panels, and pretty much whatever else you’d need.

You can check out the best deals below, which will remain live through July 12 and July 13 — they end on July 14 so act soon! It’s already applied, but coupon code PrimeSales will net you 15% off.

Oupes 1200W Solar Powered Generator — $1,105, was $1,500

Oupes 1200W portable solar generator with panels nearby.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Delivering 992 watt-hours of power with 1,200 watts of continuous power and 3,600 watts of peak output, this highly capable portable solar generator is incredibly versatile. You can use it while camping, during road trips, in your RV, travel trailer, or even at home. The LiFePO4 battery provides six times the life potential of standard Lithium batteries, meaning it can be depleted and recharged many more times, and reliably so.

It’s rocking a bevy of ports, including three AC outlets, two DC outputs, two USB-C, two USB-A, and a car output. A large 4.5-inch LCD shows all the info and stats you’ll need, like input and output wattage levels, warning indicators, and current charge. It recharges in about six to eight hours tops, and can be connected to solar panels — Oupes offers  — for safe, renewable charging.

Oupes 1800W Solar Powered Generator — $1,800, was $2,500

Oupes 1800W portable solar generator with solar panels product image.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Kicking it up a notch, this solar powered generator provides 1,488 watt-hours of power, with 1,800 watts of continuous power and 4,000 watts of peak output. It’s enough to support up to 99% of home appliances such as tools, electric stoves, microwave ovens, and more. Like its 1200-watt brethren, there are a ton of ports so you can plug in all your devices and electronics. There are three AC outlets, two DC outputs, two USB-C, two USB-A, and a car output.

With four solar panels hooked up, you can charge the system to full in just three to four hours. It can also be recharged via AC or DC outlets — a 12-volt car port too — in just four hours. That gives you ample opportunity to recharge the unit no matter where you are, so you can keep the power on when you need it most.

Both of these solar powered generators and off-grid systems can be used anywhere, and they’re certainly a must-have companion if you’re camping or traveling the wilderness. They’re suitable for off-grid living as well, and when paired with the Oupes solar panels, you can keep them charged and your devices powered up without being anywhere near an electrical outlet. Of course, these deals won’t last forever — only a couple of days, to be exact, between July 12 and July 13 during Amazon’s Prime Day deals event.

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