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6 amazing tiny homes on wheels are ready to roll wherever life takes you

Looking to live a more mobile lifestyle, one free of a concrete foundation? Consider a house on wheels, and no, we’re not always talking about an RV or a camper. Some of these houses on wheels really do look like a house, just smaller. You can park them just about anywhere, as long as your local zoning official doesn’t mind.

Check out the six homes below if you’re looking to tap into the mobile market, or, if you’re handy enough, to build one yourself. In most cases, you’ll be surprised at how affordable and luxurious living on wheels can be.

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Are tiny homes a reasonable solution to homelessness?
Tiny Home

Tiny homes are often seen as a passing fad or a millennial indulgence for those who want to follow superstar Marie Kondo’s life-changing magic of tidying up. But there’s more going on in the tiny house movement than meets the eye, especially for advocates who think that it could offer a reasonable solution to homelessness.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) says more than 560,000 people in the United States are homeless on any given night, so even a tiny shelter would beat the alternative, especially as raging heat, extreme cold, and severe storms worsen.

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Samsung takes on home appliances with its Ikea-like modular fridge and more
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Samsung home appliances on display at IFA 2019 Digital Trends

Samsung has been making waves at IFA 2019 with its relaunched Galaxy Fold and compact 8K TV, but it didn't show up at Europe's biggest tech conference with only consumer electronics in tow. The company brought along a selection of appliances too, including some innovative concepts that could get techies excited about kitchen and home products.
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Best tiny houses you can rent
Yes, your luggage will fit: The best tiny homes for your next 'mini' vacation
tiny heirloom makes luxury homes on wheels home exterior

Maybe you have thought about downsizing, but aren't sure if you could really live in a tiny home. They're more spacious than you think, though; with elevated beds, staircase storage, and strategic floor plans, you will actually have room left over. But we get it, it's a big step.

We've previously rounded up the tiny homes with the best designs, and this time we've put together a list of the best tiny homes you can vacation in. So instead of making a full-on commitment, you can just dip your toe in the tiny home world.

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