Grow a tree from a loved one’s ashes, and the Bios Incube will keep it alive

The technology of today isn’t just for this life — it’s for the afterlife, too. If you thought that only the living could enjoy the perks of the 21st century, think again. When you pass on into the Great Beyond, rest assured that some great tech will go along with you. Or at the very least, that tech will make the most out of you. Meet the Bios Incube, the world’s first Internet of Things burial urn, because there really is something for everybody in 2017.

In all seriousness, it’s quite a clever idea. The Bios Incube is a tree incubator specifically designed to work with ashes. After a successful Kickstarter campaign (see, there really is demand here), the Bios team is hoping to disrupt the age-old practice of burying our deceased.

Meant for those seeking an alternative to traditional burials, and perhaps a direct connection with their loved ones, the Bios Incube works alongside the Bios Urn in order to create life after death. The Urn is planted into the Incube, and once everything has been set up (the Incube is, of course, app-connected), users can monitor the plant’s growth, and check out maintenance tips. The Incube comes with a built-in self-watering system that is triggered by a sensor placed at the soil’s surface. Further sensors are capable of detecting light exposure, electrical conductivity, and monitoring moisture, as well as temperature in the atmosphere and soil.

“What we want is simple: We want to combine the intersections of design, nature, and technology to create not just products, but experiences,” said Bios co-founder Roger Moline.

The minimal design of the Bios products allow them to fit rather seamlessly into any home decor, and guests would never guess the contents of the cube. And once your tree has sprouted, you can transfer it to a more permanent location — perhaps your loved one’s favorite destination.

“The goal of all of Bios products is to change the way people think about death by converting the end of life into a transformation and a return to life through nature,” the company noted. So if you’re looking for a way to honor those in your life who have passed, you may consider taking their ashes and placing them in the Bios Incube.