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From a single camera to full indoor/outdoor systems, Blink covers home security

amazon acquires blink home security app on smartphone
Blink, a smart home security device company, is upping its game with new security devices and new levels of monthly service plans. Blink’s DIY approach will get an additional boost with two home security kits.

The Blink XT, an Alexa-enabled outdoor smart security camera, was announced in early December 2016. It officially launches at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week and is available for pre-order for $119. The other new products, the prices of which have not been announced, will be available in the second quarter of 2017.

Blink has established a new brand for its home security line, Seecurity — a play on the company’s emphasis on video monitoring devices and services. “At Blink, we’ve created a core ‘Seecurity’ philosophy, meaning that the ability to see, and therefore know, exactly what is happening at home from anywhere at any time is vital to achieving true home security and peace of mind,” said Peter Besen, CEO of Blink. “Operating under that mantra, we have leveraged Blink’s expertise to develop affordable DIY products with video at the forefront. These new offerings will serve the growing segment of consumers demanding best-in-class, affordable and fully encompassing home security coupled with the flexibility to keep an eye on their homes while on the go.”

New products under the Seecurity brand include:

  • 4G Cellular Sync Module with Battery Backup for Data & Video — Whether or not you have internet service, and even if the power is out, the Blink Sync Module keeps your security system operating.
  • Entry sensors — Blink’s entry sensors are aimed at securing potentially vulnerable doors and windows.
  • Siren — At 105 decibels, the Blink Siren, with manual and motion-detection triggering, makes a lot of noise to scare away intruders.
  • Keypad — The Blink keypad enables anyone with their own unique passcode to arm and disarm the Blink system.
  • Water Sensor – Blink’s moisture sensor immediately alerts users of leaks or flooding.

Blink Seecurity Kits:

  • Starter Seecurity Kit ($339) — The kit for new Blink customers includes a Blink camera, a Blink XT camera, an enhanced sync module, a siren, two entry sensors, and a keypad.
  • Upgrade Seecurity Kit ($149) — The kit for existing Blink customers includes an enhanced sync module, a siren, two entry sensors, and a keypad.

Seecurity Monthly Service Plans:   Blink’s monthly plans can support up to 10 cameras. Five cameras are included in the monthly fee and additional camera support costs an extra $2 per month per camera. Both plans are month-to-month with no contract. Both plans include 4G cellular connection with battery backup for data and video, as well as security hardware support for sirens, keypads, motion sensors and water sensors.

  • $10 monthly plan —  This plan is self-monitoring.
  • $20 monthly plan — This plan will include 24/7 third-party professional monitoring.

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