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Throw a great party with the help of the BrewQube, the grownup kegerator

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You may have thought that you left your kegerator days behind you when you left college, but thanks to the magic of technology, your glory days may be making a speedy return. Meet the BrewQube, heralded as a “convenient plug-and-pour craft beer experience” that lets you bring your favorite microbrewery into the comfort of your kitchen (or anywhere else, for that matter).

Part of the BrewQube’s secret lies in its unique draft system, which promises to provide drinkers with the ability to customize and monitor a craft beer’s vitals, like temperature, beer volume, and gas level. This way, you can always be sure that what you have on tap is top-notch and avoid the disappointment of a beer that has gone skunky. Indeed, the BrewQube claims that its Draft System will keep your beer fresh for a month by shielding its contents from light, and keeping it cold and correctly pressurized. And the display system on the front of the BrewQube will tell you your beer’s temperature, how many pours you have left, and more.

If the BrewQube notes that your beer’s gas levels are getting low, or that the volume is in danger, it will send you an alert so that you are always well aware of your stock. And don’t worry — when it comes to stock, the BrewQube probably has you covered. It is capable of holding 288 fluid ounces (or 4.5 growlers) of your favorite malted beverage, so if you’re hosting a party, this new-age kegerator is the way to go. But how will you actually get the beer into the BrewQube? The team claims that it can be filled from the tap at just about any brewery or taproom that fills growlers.

The BrewQube fits inside most standard coolers and is made with a durable high-density polymer material so that even if you take the kegerator on an adventure, it will be able to withstand the fun. And thanks to its brushed stainless-steel finish, this is one beer vessel that you will be particularly proud to have sitting on your countertop.

The BrewQube is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $200, with an estimated delivery date of January.

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