Brinno Digital PeepHole Viewer offers a better view of your front step

Whoever first thought of putting peepholes in doors was a smart, smart person. In a day and age where unjustifiable crime runs rampant just about everywhere, it’s no wonder that we want to see who’s on the other side of our doors before we open them. Unfortunately, until now the peephole hasn’t evolved much and only gives us a tiny, fisheye glimpse at who’s on our doorstep. Enter the Brinno Digital PeepHole Viewer ($90), which amplifies your door’s peephole to give you a better and brighter view. The device uses a 2¼”x1½” LCD screen to brightly display an image of the other side of your door, even making up for the distorted fisheye view. Simple one-button operation makes this device easy to use, and it would be more than helpful for children too small to reach the peephole or older folks with poor vision. The digital viewer can be installed over any existing peephole and includes a pack of long-lasting lithium batteries. A little extra peace-of-mind is never a bad idea, so we’ll take one.

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