Burn Your Video With Real

Real Networks is upping the download ante. It’s just released a new version of its trademark free RealPlayer that will allow users to download video and burn it to CDs and DVDs. The beta is coming this month to the company’s web site. Users will be able to download video that doesn’t have digital rights management (DRM) protection. All you’ll need to do is click the “download this video” button as you watch the video, and several videos can be downloaded simultaneously. Once the download is complete, the videos can be burned to CD. Users owning RealPlayer Plus can burn to DVD. Users can also share video links.   The initial version is set to work with Windows, both Internet Explorer and Firefox. However, a Mac version is slated for later this year. The player will support  Real, Windows Media, Flash, and QuickTime downloads and Real, Windows and QuickTime streaming. Flash streaming support is also in the works, as is the ability to enable transfer of downloads to portable devices.   “The new RealPlayer gives consumers more control of Internet video than was ever possible before,” said Rob Glaser, chairman and CEO of Real.”The new RealPlayer is a major step towards realizing our vision of bringing great digital entertainment to more people on more screens around the world.”   According to the company, more than 1.5 million copies of its RealPlayer are downloaded every day.