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How to make your Ring Video Doorbell play holiday chimes

Ring’s smart home ecosystem aims to create a seamless security experience, but there’s also an element of customization and even fun too. It’s possible to change the sound your Ring Video Doorbell makes both so that it reflects your home better, but also so that you can enjoy the holidays.




5 minutes

What You Need

  • Ring Video Doorbell

  • Chime audible speaker

What is Ring Chime?

Ring Chime is a small plug-in speaker that lets you hear the doorbell inside your house when your Ring Video Doorbell is triggered, meaning you don’t need to rely only on your phone, which could be on silent when a Ring alert comes in. Ring Chime lets you choose and play all kinds of Chime Tones from the Ring app, and these sounds can easily alert you for both doorbell rings and motion alerts. If you don't have a Ring Video Doorbell yet, be sure to read our Ring Video Doorbell Buying Guide to help you navigate the offerings and even find special deals.

What kind of Ring tones can I choose from?

There’s a few default Ring sounds—the ones we’re all used to and a few different takes on those, but there’s also more standard doorbell sounds, plus fun and funny options too. Choose a vintage ding-dong, a train whistle, or even dogs barking.

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How to use Ring holiday chime tones

Want a little fun and festive audio for the holidays? Choose a Ring holiday Chime tone. When your guests arrive at the door and press the Ring bell, you'll be alerted with any one of a delightful array of options: You can employ the turkey gobble for Thanksgiving, or choose from "ho ho ho," the music of Deck the Halls, the sound of festive sleigh bells and more Christmas-y options, too. The tones are updated seasonally. Here are the steps to follow to change your Chime tones:

Step 1: Open the Ring app.

Step 2: Tap the three lines on the top left of the dashboard.

Step 3: Tap Devices.

Step 4: Select the Chime that you want to adjust.

Step 5: Tap Audio Settings.

Step 6: Tap Chime Tones and you’ll see a list of tones for your Ring Chime.

Can you change the Ring Doorbell's outside sound?

Want to know if it’s possible to adjust the sound you hear on your phone, or what your visitor will hear when they press the doorbell outside? Perhaps you're hoping they can hear those holiday-themed bells too, before you open the door? For now, it’s not possible to change these options, but you can turn off that exterior doorbell sound. Here's how to turn off Ring outdoor sound:

Step 1: Open the Ring app.

Step 2: Click on your Ring doorbell, and go to Settings.

Step 3: Click Device Settings.

Step 4: Click General Settings.

Step 5: Drag the Doorbell Ringer Volume setting all the way down to 0% on the left side of the screen.

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How to get Alexa to alert you when Ring doorbell rings

Let’s take this concept even further. If you’d like your Alexa smart speakers to announce that someone's at the door and even show you the video feed if you have an Echo Show, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Open the Alexa app.

Step 2: Click on Devices.

Step 3: Click on Cameras, and select your doorbell by its name.

Step 4: Choose Announcement Devices, and ensure that your Echo is selected by clicking it so that it has a check mark next to it. Your Echo will now alert you when the doorbell is pressed.

Now you can enjoy fun and customized Chime tones all year long -- especially during the holidays.

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