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Do more with your smart home camera thanks to Canary firmware updates

You may not have eyes in the back of your head, but Canary can make it seem as though you do. The smart home camera company released a firmware update that introduces three new and “highly coveted features” to the platform. Inspired by user requests and feedback, the three additions to Canary include an optimized Watch Live experience, two-way Canary Talk, and a web app update that allows you to stream content live to your desktop.

First and foremost comes the addition of Watch Live. Already one of Canary’s most useful and well-liked features, this live-stream functionality was not exactly live before. Rather, users had to endure a five-second delay in their video feeds, which while insignificant, could have presented an issue in the case of an emergency. But now, the company’s improved Watch Live experience actually gives users a real-time view of their homes. But don’t worry — just because latency has been reduced does not mean that Canary has gone soft on any data security measures. All video content remains immediately encrypted before it is uploaded to the Canary Cloud. This feature will become available to Canary owners this week.

Then, there is the introduction of Canary Talk. Available to those with Canary All-in-One users with Membership, this feature, as its name suggests, allows you to talk to folks in your home via the smart camera. To use the function, simply tap and hold the microphone button on your smartphone as you are watching live, and your home inhabitants will hear your voice. Once you release the button, you will be able to hear others’ responses (think of it as a 21st century walkie-talkie).

And if you want to have an impromptu conference call, you can do that through Canary Talk, too. If multiple members are using Canary Talk simultaneously, the app will display the active speaker.

Finally, Canary members can now use a web app to stream their video content from a desktop browser. Previously, content could only be seen from a mobile app, but Canary notes that this new medium “makes it easier than ever to keep an eye on the shop, nursery, workers in your home, or even the couch.”

Just remember to upgrade your Canary app to take advantage of all these new features.

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