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Order your meal kit using naught but your voice thanks to Chef’d and Alexa

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Look, we get it. Being a chef is hard – even if you’re just shooting for amateur status. From finding the right ingredients to picking the right recipe, there exist a plethora of variables, and as a result, all too many ways to go wrong. Now, we thought that the introduction of meal kits would address many of these issues. After all, these offerings take almost all the guesswork out of cooking. But apparently, now that technology has made cooking that much easier, we’re looking for ways to make things easier still. So rejoice, fellow spoiled denizens of the 21st century. You can now order a meal kit from Chef’d using Amazon’s Alexa.

Really, we don’t know how much easier things could get. The new skill from Chef’d promises to be the first of its kind, and offers home cooks 1,000 meals to choose from. Now, you can just tell Alexa to order dinner for next week (which is somehow better than just going to your computer and clicking a few buttons).

Created by Y Media Labs, the new skill promises a “truly personalized experience,” complete with meal recommendations based on preference, drink pairings, and more.

If you don’t quite know what you’re going to want to cook for your next dinner party, you can now just ask Alexa. Once you’ve enabled the new skill, simply ask Alexa what she thinks you and your guests will like. She’ll take your user profile and pre-selected preferences into consideration, and will leverage Y Media Lab’s recommendation algorithm to truly personalize the suggestion of about two to three recipes.

If you’re not yet a gourmand and aren’t sure of exactly what Alexa is recommending, you can ask her for more details about the meal. And once you’ve made your final selection, you can choose a specific time and place for delivery.

There already exist plenty of in-kitchen assistants that can then help with the actual preparation of your meal, so in this day and age, no matter how talentless you may be as a chef, you’ll be able to fake it until you make it.

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