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Did you sleep on a $16,000 bed as a kid?

You’ve never seen furniture that looks like this.

The folks at Portuguese company Circu aren’t simply in the business of making furniture for your home — they’re in the business of turning imagination into tangible objects. The “magical furniture” from the Portuguese furniture company draws inspiration from childhood dreams (think mermaids, rocket ships, and princesses), and while their products are undoubtedly stunning, they’ve got price tags that will take your breath away, too.

In fact, the cost of some of Circu’s furniture rivals that of a car, or even approaches, say, the cost of college tuition. So expensive are most of these pieces, that the company hesitates to even tell you how much you’ll have to pay. You have to request the price, and be prepared to send in your occupation and your company, as well, which are probably fair questions, seeing as these pieces start at tens of thousands of dollars.

There’s the Little Mermaid bed, which may seem like little more than a shell shaped place to lay your head, but wait, there’s more. With built-in lighting, fiberglass construction, and a nacre painted interior and exterior, you can rest assured that Ariel never slept as well as your child would in this contraption. It’s $16,000.

Then, there’s the truly magnificent Fantasy Air Balloon bed. Standing 10 feet tall, Circu says that this bed “is made with traditional basketry technique, with the remaining structure made of wood with white lacquered gloss finishes.” It comes complete with storage drawers, a sofa, and a light and sound system that’s controlled by a mobile app. Oh, and the top parts of the bed are all upholstered in synthetic fur, and trimmed in wood with gold leaf details. Want to guess how much this one is? We’ll tell you anyway — $29,000.

And then, there’s the Bun Van, which is practically a home in a bed. With a TV, secretary, a mini bar, and a sofa all contained within the bed, you’ll literally never want to leave. Supposedly inspired by “one of the most iconic and magical symbols of fun and freedom,” you may not feel fun or free after you spend $43,000 on it.

Only 30 people have purchased a product from Circu thus far, but hey — you could join the club.

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