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Keep your baby safe and dry with CloudTot from DockATot

You may not live like a celebrity, but your baby can sleep like one with DockATot, the multifunctional baby lounger and co-sleeper heralded by the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, and Michael Phelps. And now, not only can your child sleep in comfort, but you can sleep in peace knowing that a new device from DockATot’s makers will keep a digital eye on your baby. Meet CloudTot, an internal pad for the DockATot baby lounger that comes complete with a breathing movement sensor, a humidity and dampness sensor, a temperature sensor, and a speaker and microphone setup.

Designed to act almost as a stand-in parent, the CloudTot will keep parents aware of any and all activity (or lack thereof) from their newborn. For example, the Baby Awakening System “alerts parents when no motion has been detected for 12 seconds,” and sends this information to parents via a smartphone app (available for both Android and iOS). The technology can also sing baby to sleep with its speaker, and hear baby’s cries with its microphone.

But perhaps the most innovative component of CloudTot is its ability to detect moisture. As the DockATot team told Digital Trends, “CloudTot’s patent-pending moisture detection capability uses conductive fabric interwoven into the external mattress cover. When the fabric is dampened by a liquid, the circuit is disrupted and a notice is sent to the processor that there has been a change of status.” From here, an app notification will alert parents to “even a drop of moisture … so as to keep baby dry and comfortable and the pad from being soaked all night.”

Don’t worry, though — even when your baby does wet the bed, the CloudTot promises to be very easy to clean. Although the electronics are not waterproof, the team notes that they’re all protected by a plastic cover. “To wash the product, one needs to remove electronic pieces and then the whole internal part is washable,” the team explained.

So if you’re a new parent, CloudTot might just be the helping hand you need.

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