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Get a meal in a cup delivered to your door with Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest: How it works
Daily Harvest wants to send you breakfast, lunch, or if you’re really on a liquid diet, dinner in a cup. You see, Daily Harvest is all about smoothies, chia puddings, and soups — foods that can be easily thawed, blended, or heated in order to provide you with the superfoods and sustenance that you need (or maybe just want) to brighten up your day.

Founded by Rachel Drori, Daily Harvest seeks to make health-forward ingredients like acai, wheatgrass, and hemp protein more accessible to everyone, even if they don’t live within a one-mile radius of 10 juice bars. And not only did Drori want to make them accessible, she wanted to make them easy to ingest. Sure, getting a package of ingredients delivered once a week is great if you’ve time to putter about in the kitchen, but for moments when you just need a quick fix, raw meat and vegetables won’t really do the trick. But with Daily Harvest, simply pull one of the cups out of the freezer, add your liquid of choice, and pop everything in the blender. Even the busiest of schedules ought to be able to accommodate those three steps.

Aside from smoothies, Daily Harvest provides customers with chia puddings, overnight oats, ice cream “sundaes,” and soups. All are co-created by the company’s chefs and nutritionists, and feature superfoods, organic fruits and vegetables, and no refined sugars or preservatives. Because all cups are pre-proportioned, all you have to do is grab your combination of choice, and then blend, heat, or soak. All produce is said to be picked at peak nutrition and frozen immediately.

Smoothie flavors include options like banana and greens, described as a super-green blend packed with chlorophyll-rich wheatgrass, fiber-full dark leafy greens, hydrating cucumber, alkalizing citrus, and a hint of banana for taste, texture, and potassium to boot. If you’d rather go for overnight oats, you can pick up the pumpkin and chai varietal, which promises to be lightly sweetened with organic maple syrup, antioxidant-rich pecans and organic sultanas, the raisin-like dried white grapes that are super high in fiber, and vitamins B1 and B2.

Or, go for something savory with the lentil and mesquite chili soup, which is said to taste like southwest chili, but with the added benefit of plenty of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc.

Individual cups start at $8 each, or you can buy 24-packs to bring the price down to $7 per cup.

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