Dress Has Cell Phone Built-in

dress has cell phone built inThe UK’s female population will soon be outfitted with a new way to communicate while on-the-go. A dress is expected be released there that will be equipped to accept and place phones calls.

The M-Dress, a little black number that uses gesture recognition software to handle phone calls, was invented by London-based fashion designer Francesca Rosella and anthropologist Ryan Genz.

According to the Toronto Star, Rosella said she came up with the idea after growing tired of fumbling for her phone in her purse — only to miss the call.

“It’s not meant to wear every day. It’s for a special evening when you don’t want to be bothered carrying all of your plastic boxes,”said Rosella.

Users lift their hand as though holding a phone to the ear. The call disconnects when the hand is lowered. The dress has no keyboard and can can only be used to place calls to one number, but when receiving calls they can be accepted from any number.

The “soft, wearable cell phone” has an antenna sewn into the hemline of the dress. A SIM card is embedded into the label and a speaker is embedded into the left hand cuff. The dress comes with its own phone number that the user would have their phone calls forwarded to.

The dress is part of the Cute Circuit line and is expected to be available in the UK in October.

Google could soon have its eye on the fashion forward technology, the super search engine recently acquired Like.com, a visual search site that that helps users find clothing and accessories with a patented cross-matching technology.