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Eufy’s smart garage door controller has a built-in camera

Eufy Security announced its new Garage-Control Cam and Cam Plus. The Garage Control Cams are all-in-one smart garage door controllers with a built-in camera at CES 2022.

The Garage Control Cam includes the main controller along with an angled camera on the front that records in 1080p. The Cam Plus records at 2K resolution. Both the Garage-Control Cam and the Cam Plus are white to match the rest of Eufy’s product line and don’t seem to differ in physical appearance.

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The various screens of the Eufy Security app.

More than just a garage door controller, the Garage Control Cam gives you a real-time view of your garage. The sensor detects the door’s status and will send you notifications if you forget to close the door or if it’s open for an extended time. The Garage Control Cam uses A.I. Detection to notify you if it senses a person or an animal in the specified zones. The on-device A.I. means information is processed more quickly and has more security than if it were processed in the cloud.

The Cam connects to the Eufy security app. You can control the door via the app, voice commands, or geofencing detection. In addition, the Garage-Control Cam Plus supports two-door control, while the Control Cam only supports single-door operation.

The Garage Control Cam supports 24/7 continuous recording along with a four-second pre-roll that allows you to get a complete picture of what’s happening outside your door. The Cam Plus comes with 32GB of local storage that can be expanded through the use of an SD card.

Eufy expects to ship both the Garage Control Cams by March in the U.S .and Canada and a later date worldwide. The estimated pricing is $99 for the Control Cam and $129 for the Cam Plus.

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