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The Keurig for cocktails is now available in a couple of states

Making mixed drinks at home requires a fair amount of preparation and counter space. Instead of storing the many drinks you need to set up a full bar, you can just get the Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig. The drink maker, which is available in limited quantities for the time being, is a collaboration between two companies known for their beverage expertise and makes the process of making your favorite drink as easy as inserting a pod. After launching only in the St. Louis area, the Home Bar will be available to consumers statewide in Missouri and Florida. Pre-orders start May 7 and will start being fulfilled on May 20.

If you’ve used a Keurig machine before, you’ll easily get the gist of the Home Bar. The device sits on your countertop, and all you have to do is insert a pod. Each pod contains a signature blend of high-quality spirits and natural flavors to achieve the perfect effect no matter what drink you’re looking for. The ingredients are precisely measured and sealed in the pod.

Once you select the pod you want, just press a button and watch the Home Bar go to work. The drink maker automatically calculates the exact amount of water and carbonation required for the pod you’ve selected. The machine can produce 24 different recipes — all crafted by Drinkworks’ in-house mixologists and beverage scientists so you know they’ll be good.

“This joint venture was created with the mission of making the entire drinking experience — from purchase, to creation, to enjoyment — more remarkable through innovation,” Nathaniel Davis, CEO of Drinkworks, said in a statement. “We started with a clear opportunity: consumers want to serve and enjoy complex cocktails at home, but it’s time-consuming, expensive, and messy. We iterated with users throughout the development process, and we’re confident that the appliance we designed with them solves this perfectly. Our next step is to launch this unprecedented technology in a limited way. We’re excited to gather real-world feedback from passionate early adopters to shape the future iterations of our drink maker, drinks, and expansion plans.”

While you might want to get your hands on the Home Bar right now so you have it for all of your guests this holiday season, it won’t be widely available just yet. Keurig initially made a limited number of the drink makers available through an early access pilot program for customers in St. Louis. Starting May 7, the machine will be available for all consumers in the states of Missouri and Florida. If you’re looking for the pods, you’ll have to be 21 or older to buy them.

Updated on May 7, 2019: The Drinkworks Home Bar is now available to purchase in Missouri and Florida.

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