Dyson claims that its new bladeless fan is 75 percent quieter than older models

About five years ago, Dyson introduced the Air Multiplier – the world’s first bladeless fan. But apparently that wasn’t good enough for them, as they have just released a new and improved line of desk fans (dubbed Dyson Cool) that the company claims are 75 percent quieter than its predecessors.

It seems as if it took a ridiculous amount of research and development to pull off.  According to Dyson, more than 65 engineers worked on the project. 250 prototypes were developed before the design was finalized, and more than 410 patents were filed by the time it was all said and done.

As part of the testing process, Dyson’s engineering team built complex 3D models to determine where sounds were originating from inside the machine. They also passed smoke and ultraviolet paint through a translucent prototype in order to spot where turbulence was occurring and energy was being wasted.  These tests ultimately enabled Dyson to pinpoint areas that could be improved to reduce noise.

The build quality of the fans appears similarly impressive. The new Dyson Cool fans (AM06, AM07, and AM08  go on sale today for $300, $400, and $450 respectively. Find out more here.