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Echo Show 8 is Amazon’s new medium-sized Alexa with a screen, and it’s just $130

Amazon launched a new Echo Show at Wednesday’s Alexa-centric product event, and it appears that the company plans to be super aggressive when it comes to price. The Echo Show 8 sports an eight-inch screen in a form factor similar to the other current Echo Shows, and retails for $130.

Those interested in the latest Echo Show will be able to pre-order the device starting today, September 25, with shipment expected to begin in time for the winter holidays. No specific release date was mentioned at the Wednesday event, but we’ll be sure to update this story once we learn more after the event concludes.

With the Echo Show 8, Amazon now has a total of three video-enabled Alexa devices in its lineup. The Echo Show 5 retails for $90, and the standard 10-inch Show sells for $230. With the Echo Show 8, Amazon has placed a better display in the device, and it also features better sound quality. While the five-inch model has excellent sound quality for its size, it still doesn’t achieve the sound quality of the larger devices. This obviously is due to there being a lot less space to work with for speaker placement.

The Echo Show 8’s larger size gives Amazon a little extra space to work with.

What remains to be seen is whether Amazon moves to cut prices on the Echo Show. With the Echo Show 8 now just $40 more expensive than the Echo Show 5, the original Show is starting to look a bit overpriced. Amazon made no announcement Wednesday of a change in pricing, and was still offering the larger Show at full price ahead of Wednesday’s event.

Stay tuned.

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