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Element Smokeless BBQ: Who needs the sun to grill?

Our national Independence Day is coming up, but who says you need the weather outside to be sunny to enjoy a barbecue with friends and family? If July 4th, or any day this summer, brings rainy weather, simply take things indoors and continue grilling on the Element Indoor Smokeless BBQ to keep the party going.

Designed by Joshua Brassé, the Element sits right on top of your average gas burners or electric stoves to fire up a layer of lava rocks, adding a smoky flavor without the smoke itself. The grill has adjustable height control so you can decide how far from the flame you want your food in addition to making storage an ease. Unlike other indoor grills that take away the taste of an authentic charcoal flavor, now you don’t have to compromise deliciousness when you take things inside. As long as you keep watch over the flames, the Element grill is perfectly safe to use indoors.

Additional features of the Element smokeless grill include a special compartment for collecting grease and oil drips to make cleaning less of a hassle. If you prefer to have a bit of grip with your kitchen tools, feel free to make use of the detachable handle to help shift things around.

While the Element smokeless grill may not be as spacious as a full-sized outdoors grill, creating real flavors despite the weather is a great feat for the modern man. That is, if you’re also willing to fork over $225 for a pre-order of the Element from Ideacious. If you love the grill and need it as soon as possible, you should also make your deposit pretty soon as there are only about 335 items left for pre-order. Who says you can’t put a price on creativity or the ability to eat awesome barbecue all year round? After you put down that deposit, it’s time to start working on those marinade recipes.

If you still plan to take things outdoors for our upcoming holiday, refer to both our summer barbecue guide and gadgets list for a great outdoor gathering to make your experience a memorable one.

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