Eleven Ravens adds class and art to Ping Pong

At Digital Trends, we really like our classy gaming tables — perhaps it’s more than a little evident. It’s always great when you can use a gaming table as a fun diversion, while also adding a touch of respectability to your rumpus room. 

Straddling the line somewhere between art and sport, the gorgeous Ping Pong tables from Eleven Ravens would be a wonderful addition to any party room, whether or not you’re trying to class it up.

Founded in 2011, Eleven Ravens builds their tables by hand in a moisture controlled environment with high-quality wood materials. The company doesn’t list prices for their tables on their site, save the ever-vague “upon request” designation. But based on how gorgeous these tables look coupled with the handmade product from artisans, we imagine that these tables probably cost as much as you think they do.