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Finally! A mug that perpetually keeps your coffee at the perfect temp

Pull a Goldilocks and make sure your beverage is “just right” with the Ember smart mug. Part thermos, part connected device, Ember, “the world’s most temperature-adjustable mug,” allows users to select their ideal temperature for hot drinks like coffee and tea, and then quickly cools the contents accordingly, also maintaining the desired level of heat.

Thanks to its patented temperature-control technology, Ember is apparently able to hold the user’s preferred temperature all day when used with its coaster charger — which comes included — and for up to two hours when used on the go.

Designed by Ammunition, Ember holds 12 fluid ounces of any beverage, and a dial at the base controls temperature manually. There aren’t a lot of details about exactly how it keeps that perfect temperature. Ember also works like a traditional travel mug to keep iced coffee cold. The temperature lights up on the cup’s display, which is controlled by a button. Users can also set the desired temperature remotely using the Ember mobile app, which syncs via Bluetooth. For those who want to be seriously connected to their coffee, the app also allows users to name their mug, create temperature presets, and monitor their consumption. The app even allows users to choose to receive notifications and specify what kinds of alerts they are sent as well as how often.

Ember launched its Indiegogo campaign Tuesday, and it has already reached 60 percent of its funding goal. There are still early bird specials, with an Ember going for $109. Those who order through Indiegogo after that point will be able to get it for $129, which is still cheaper than its future retail price of $149. Backers can also opt to really go for it with multiple Ember mugs; it is possible to order bundles of up to 25. Shipping, no matter the quantity, is estimated to begin in April 2016.

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