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This video doorbell can tell if the person on your doorstep has a fever

In a time where health has become the primary focus for many people, it’s easy to keep track of your own temperature and well-being. It’s not so easy to ascertain the temperature of others. When you have someone coming to your door, whether a delivery driver or a visitor, it’s important to know if they may have a fever. The Ettie Smart Video Doorbell has made waves at CES 2021 for its ability to obtain this information.

This CES 2021 Innovation Award Honoree uses an infrared temperature sensor to measure a visitor’s body temperature and sends a warning if they are running a fever. It also has a capacity log to measure how many people are within a space. The Ettie Smart Video Doorbell can be used for residential purposes, but it’s also a great way to manage the comings and goings at small businesses.

The doorbell tells visitors whether it is safe for them to enter a space and if they have a temperature or not by using a series of chimes and LED lights.

The Ettie Smart Video Doorbell also has the features you expect on a modern video doorbell. It provides HD video recording with a 160-degree field of view and live streaming so you can monitor visitors in real time, and you can speak to them thanks to the two-way audio functionality. When measuring temperature, though, we’re told that the most accurate readings are measured when an individual is facing the camera directly and not off at an angle.

When someone enters the space, the doorbell takes their picture and records when they entered. This makes contact tracing significantly easier and will help manage outbreaks and determine who has been exposed and/or infected.

If the capacity for a given space is reached, the doorbell will make an announcement to guests and the owner of the doorbell will receive an alert on their mobile device.

Tools like the Ettie Video Doorbell will also be helpful for standard medical applications; even if there isn’t a dangerous disease to consider, knowing if someone has a fever can help to stop the spread of colds and flu within the workplace.

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