Flip-out TV wall mount cleverly conceals your flatscreen

flip tv wall mount cleverly conceals flatscreen bedroom blue open max brit adj

Whether or not you  think having a TV in the bedroom is a good idea, I think we can all agree that if you’re going to do it, this is probably the most flossy setup you could possibly have installed.

Designed by a Idaho-based company Hidden Vision, the FlipOut is an extendable wall mount that disguises your TV as a framed picture . It just sits there, unassumingly, until you feel like watching a Trading Spouses marathon for a few hours to lull yourself to sleep. It doesn’t get slicker than this. When the mood to flip on the boob tube strikes, you just swing it out, lie back, and enjoy your desired media from the most comfortable spot in your entire house.

flip out TV mountFully extended, it looks like it defies physics – but there’s no witchcraft going on here, just lots of careful design. The mount’s arms make use of Hidden Vision’s patent-pending design to counter balance the TV’s weight through a “complex series of linkages,” and also includes space inside the arm for you to conceal all your TV’s cables. Additionally, because it doesn’t incorporate any components that can wear out over time like springs, motors, or friction retainers, you don’t need to worry about the mount one day giving out and dropping a flatscreen onto your face in the middle of the night.

The FlipOut is designed to universally fit 30- to 32-inch flat-screen TVs, and is rated for displays up to 40 lbs in weight – which means it can handle basically any 32-incher currently on the market. Unfortunately Hidden Vision doesn’t yet offer the FlipOut in a size that’s big enough to house your gargantuan Samsung F8000, but considering how close this thing sits to your face, that’s probably unnecessary anyway. 

You can pick up the Extended FlipOut on Hidden Vision’s site for a $899.00, but they also sell a number of other models that are quite a bit cheaper.