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Inside a modern mansion full of art, automation, and open air

In episode 3 of Genius Home, our hosts Ariana Escalante and Caleb Denison visit a beautiful, art-packed party pad in the hills of California’s San Fernando Valley. Packed with a bevy of Samsung technology — including an exceptionally smart fridge and something called an “air dresser,” this home pairs outdoor entertainment with intelligent appliances. But first, let’s go over some of the highlights.

The exterior of a luxury smart home in California's San Fernando Valley.

As with the previous homes featured in this series, this contemporary house is absolutely breathtaking. It has near-invisible floor-to-ceiling glass walls that seamlessly blend the indoors and outdoors, giving the space a very airy and open feel. Rather than standing out, the house is generally designed to get out of the way of its inhabitants, and keep everyday tasks from getting in the way. To achieve that, the house’s myriad Samsung smart appliances are designed to learn the owner’s preferences and take care of little tasks autonomously.

The smart kitchen of a luxury home in California's San Fernando Valley.
The smart fridge in a luxury home in California's San Fernando Valley.
A smart stove in a luxury home in California's San Fernando Valley.

When it comes to smarts, the kitchen is arguably the nucleus of the home, sporting a Samsung Smart Fridge, Linear Dishwasher, and Smart Dial Slide-in Range. Each appliance communicates with the rest of the kitchen, and can be controlled from afar via voice or smartphone controls, or even from other appliances. For example, the range can steam, broil, or bake — and you can monitor and manage it all from a smart display on the fridge.

The kitchen isn’t the only smart room, though. Head to the bedroom and you’ll find an Aquadom Smart Mirror and Samsung Bespoke Air Dresser. The mirror can display news, weather, and traffic updates while you get situated for the day, while the closet will make sure your clothes are wrinkle-free and looking their best.

The closet of a luxury smart home featured in episode 3 of Genius Home.

A trip up to the roof reveals even more outdoor space for entertainment and congregation, as well as yet another set of smart appliances. The rooftop party deck includes a full outdoor kitchen, numerous sitting spaces, and two natural gas fireplaces.

The exterior of a luxury smart home in California's San Fernando Valley.
The basement of a luxury smart home in California's San Fernando Valley.
The rooftop patio of a luxury smart home in California's San Fernando Valley.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The house also boasts a number of wall-length murals, an in-ground infinity pool, high-gloss marble and polished concrete designs, and a free-floating tub that’ll make you drool. So get your tropical afterparty outfits ready and let’s dive into this episode!

A staircase in the luxury smart home featured in episode 3 of Genius Home.
A staircase in the luxury smart home featured in episode 3 of Genius Home.

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