Gladiator’s new refrigerator can store all your hibernation food

gladiator all refrigerator upright freezer 1

Now that winter has officially come to a close, you can’t just store all of your frozen goods out on your front porch and trust that mother nature will keep them nicely chilled. But don’t worry, Gladiator is here to help. The company has debuted two new appliances that can help you store all the bulky food, beverages, and ingredients you need to last you through next winter. Meet the new Upright Freezer and All Refrigerator, both of which promise to be the “perfect appliances for those looking to store excess food and beverages with ease.”

Boasting the title of the industry’s only step-to-open Upright Freezer and All Refrigerator, this is truly a pair of appliances meant for folks storing large quantities of, well, anything. Even if your hands are full with more cuts of beef or 10 heads of broccoli, you can simply step on a lever in order to pop open the door of the fridge or freezer.

While neither one of these appliances might be your primary food storage station, both are meant for overflow and excess (which obviously makes them the most popular appliances in your home). Between the two units, you’ll be able to get more than 35 cubic feet of interior storage, and both feature adjustable shelves so that you can store eight 12-packs of soda as well as whole bags of frozen appetizers, along with large party platters and birthday cakes. Units also come standard with two heavy gauge wire baskets so that you can easily organize and retrieve treats and party goods.

And just because the freezer and fridge are large, it doesn’t mean they’re ungainly. Not only do they have the industry’s only stainless steel tread plate foot pedal, both units feature hammered granite cabinet and black matte door finish for a sleek look. There’s also a reversible door so that you have a bit more flexibility on where you actually place the unit, while casters underneath the fridge and freezer make it easy for you to move them when necessary.

When it comes to the interior of the freezer, you’ll find a number of specially designed compartments, like a Pizza Zone and door bins that can hold anything from frozen seafood to bags of veggies. As for the fridge, you’ll find scratch-resistant metal shelves for storing mini-kegs, heavy duty, extra-thick glass shelves to hold several 12-packs, and special compartments like a full-width silver tread door bin that can hold up to five two-liter bottles.

“Now more than ever, people are relying on warehouse clubs to do their grocery shopping. While buying groceries in bulk is a necessity for a large family, caterer, or someone looking to host a party, finding the space to store them can be challenging,” said Allison Gillespie, brand manager for the Gladiator brand. “With the Upright Freezer and All Refrigerator, we are now able to offer a way to store large quantities while also adding in an immeasurable amount of convenience thanks to the stainless steel foot pedal.”

Both units retail for $1,200, and can be purchased from the Gladiator website.