The Gladiator Chillerator: Because Your Garage Needs a Fridge Too

gladiator chillerator garage needs fridge

Having a fridge in your garage is the pinnacle of convenience. You probably don’t need one, but believe us, you definitely want one. It just makes life easier. That way you don’t have to worry about tracking motor oil through the house every time you want a turkey sandwich, and nobody yells at you when you get axle grease on the handle. It’s all pros, zero cons. 

If you’re in the market for an extra fridge for your garage, peep game on the Chillerator from Gladiator Garageworks. It’s probably the manliest fridge we’ve ever laid eyes on. Don’t even try to fill it with organic kale and fresh soy curls – the only food that belongs in the belly of this beast is raw elk steak and IPAs. 

gladiator chilleratorrrrrUnlike other fridges on the market, the Chillerator is actually designed to live in your garage. For starters, it’s built to stand up to intense heat and cold and keep your food at exactly the right temperature through varying seasonal conditions. The exterior is even outfitted with diamond-plated stainless steel, so it won’t look out of place next to your toolboxes and pegboards. And in the event that you ever need to move it around for easier access to your beer, it’s also got four big rubber casters on the bottom that make it a breeze to roll around.

Under the hood, the Chillerator boasts 19 cubic feet of storage space in the fridge, with another five in the freezer on top. Garageworks also equipped it with this thing they call Frost Free Defrost – a system that adjusts the frequency of defrosts by monitoring the compressor’s run-time and the evaporator heater’s on time. This helps limits the formation of ice crystals, resulting in less freezer burn and wasted energy.

At this point in time, you can pick up a Chillerator for $1,299 from Gladiator Garageworks’ site. Each unit comes with a one year limited warranty on parts and labor.