Glowdoggie LED Collars keep your pup safe at night

glowdoggie led collars keep your pup safe at night gear patrol

To many dog owners, their beloved pets are part of the family and just as important as any other member. So why not put as much effort into keeping them safe as you would your youngster? A German engineering team has come up with a device that aims to protect dogs and allow pet owners to take their dogs more places without worrying about safety. The Glowdoggie ($40+) LED collar fits around your dog’s neck to make your pet easy to see anywhere. Put this collar on (in addition to the normal collar) and take your dog to the park at night, for a swim in the lake, or on a walk through the city knowing that the bright LED lights will keep your pet visible from a distance.

A patented “all-in-the-tube” design means that the device is 100% waterproof and has no external parts that your dog could accidentally turn on or off. The Superflux LED lights have a lifespan of about 17 years and the product also comes with a full two-year warranty. A sensor chip automatically turns the lights on and off and the exterior of the collar is made with highly-reflective 3M tape for even more visibility. While it’s not meant for attaching a leash, the collar is made to be extremely durable with normal wear and tear. If it’s good enough for Iditarod dogs and the German canine police force, it’s good enough for your pet. Available in a range of sizes to fit almost any dog and a variety of bright, easy-to-see colors.

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