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Google’s new Mini model is cool, jazzy, and kind of blue

It might not be Miles Davis or John Coltrane but you can certainly play Miles’ 1959 jazz classic on a newly minted Aqua model of the Google Home Mini, releasing October 29. While it doesn’t add any new functional or technical features, the Aqua offers a relaxing shade of blue that might remind some of the sea or the sky in its refined light blue hue.

In a blog post on the Google Home support site, Isabelle Olsson, the director of Design for Home, Wearables and CMF (color, materials, and finishes), explained that the Aqua is made from the same fabric as the Mini’s original colors — chalk, charcoal, and coral — the same aesthetic goal of blending into a smart home. With its restrained shade and simple setup, one can imagine the new Aqua model resting comfortably next to an aquarium or offering a relaxing harmony in the master bathroom.

“Coral is warm, Aqua is cool,” Olsson told Engadget. “It’s a soothing yet fresh option that could be used to either contrast or blend in. By making the form simple and appealing, drawing inspiration from home goods, and offering several color options, we can let people choose if they want the product to stand out or fit in.”

It’s been strongly rumored in the past month or so that the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will also be available in a similar color scheme. A Japanese teaser website for the Pixel line lends credence to the notion that the hotly anticipated smartphone will be available in black, white, and the Aqua’s cerulean tint.

As expected, the new Google Home Mini in Aqua will still do all the handy things its sibling devices do, including playing music from services like Pandora and Spotify, broadcasting messages throughout a smart home, helping you locate your phone, or its new trick of being able to speak two languages simultaneously.

Assuming there isn’t a tectonic shift in the smart speaker market before the end of the month, the Google Home Mini in Aqua will go on sale October 29 for $50.

Keep in mind that Google has a mysterious “hardware event” in New York City next week where news related to the Google Home line of devices could certainly be on the docket. While we expect the big news to be the heavily leaked, aforementioned Pixel smartphones, it’s anyone’s guess as to what else Google has up its sleeves.

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