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This robot makes sure no drop is wasted when you water your lawn

If you have a yard you’re probably well aware of how much work its upkeep can be. Not only that, but water restrictions may prevent you from achieving that slice of green whether you have the will to work at it or not. Never fear, however, as Growver is here to solve both those problems.

Growver, built by Revely, is the “lawn watering hero your grass has been waiting for,” according to its related Kickstarter page. Perhaps more descriptively — it’s a robot that roams your yard and waters your grass while using far less water than other sprinklers on the market.

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The robot itself attaches to your standard garden hose and then uses its wire sensor technology to work its way around the yard using a boundary wire. The smarts inside the device don’t stop there though — Growver is able to use its water sensors to detect which parts of your lawn are dryer than others, giving more water to those parts and saving on water use where you don’t need to be using as much.

That’s where the team behind the device claims the most water is saved. Why use water if you don’t need to, after all?

Growver also has a smartphone app, allowing you to track both how well your lawn is doing, and exactly how much water is being used. You can even tell it to use less water, if that’s your preference.

Of course, there is one serious caveat. To kick back and relax while Growver waters your grass, you’re going to have to be tolerant of one thing — a big ol’ green robot living on your lawn. Some sprinkler systems are designed to remain hidden, but while Growver is painted green, it will hardly blend in to its surroundings.

Still interested? Growver is available on Kickstarter right now. Pledges start at $1, but to get Growver for yourself you’ll need to fork out at least $325, or you can serve as a beta tester by pledging $100, which will get you the device on loan for 18 months between this summer and the next.

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