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Would you blow over $6,000 on this 3D-printed air conditioner?

If you happen to own a 3D printer, there are lots of amazing, useful household items you can make. If you don’t, you might just have to buy them, and lots of companies are getting into the game — but it will cost you. Haier Group’s new 3D-printed air conditioner debuted at last week’s Appliance World Expo 2015 in Shanghai, and it went for an amazing $6,395, according to 3DPrint.

Right now it’s one-of-a-kind, hence the jaw-dropping price tag, but the appeal is that a 3D-printed A/C unit is customizable, so it can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

It’s not clear if these 3D-printed versions will one day be outfitted with the same tech as Haier’s HomeKit air conditioner, which was also on display at the show. Utilizing the company’s “U+ Smart Life” platform, the device works with an app and users will be able to control it with Siri or Microsoft’s Xiaobing chatbot.

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While Haier claims its 3D-printed air conditioner is the first of its kind, there are already other smart A/Cs on the market. Aros, for example, learns users’ preferences to automatically cool their houses. What’s nice about these products is that they seem to be designed for non-homeowners. Renters will be able to get some of the cost-saving benefits of a Nest thermostat-like product, without needing central air.

However, Haier didn’t give many details about when its units will be available or their cost, so you may have to spend another summer sweltering.

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